Monday, September 29, 2014

AMC, SundanceTV, El Rey Network and Travel Channel Announce Halloween Programming!

One of the best things about television programming in October is that there's usually some great specials and even better marathons to celebrate Halloween.  Check out the offerings from AMC, SundanceTV, El Rey Network and Travel Channel.

Plus, the Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead, Sun., Oct. 12th at 9/8c.  Check out the schedules after the jump and let us know in the comments what your perfect Halloween marathon would be.

CHELL OUT: Cosplaying 'Portal'

I have a small confession to make.

It appears that I might not be the gamer geek that perhaps you hoped I’d be. And for this I apologize.

In my defense I didn’t realize that for years I had been overlooking quite an important game in terms of development, design, and cult popularity. I am only one woman with only so many hours of available gaming time in my life.

But earlier this month I was forcibly introduced to the game that I had heard of the many years ago that it appeared, and had since read about here and there but never made the effort to play. 

My boyfriend is a huge fan of the Portal series (not to be confused with the 1986 interactive novel Portal made for the Amiga.) The first time I went over to his place I noticed his “Aperture Science” shower curtain and made this connection, but didn’t really think much of it.

Honestly, I just thought it was a strange household item to have as a piece of gaming memorabilia and I never really brought it up. This past month I have educated myself however and am now a fully-fledged Portal fan.


I now understand that the shower curtain is really a very cool addition to a bathroom indeed and I regret not bringing it up with him sooner.

In my quest to find out more about my new current favorite game, I inevitably ended up exploring many a cosplay related avenue and was really impressed with my findings.

In fact, it’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

Best 'Doctor Who' Books, Tracking Your Reading, Abrams Takes on The King & More!

How I Track My Reading
One reader's impressive and somewhat scary spreadsheet to track her intensive reading.

Genre Kryptonite
Is a time travel story your weakness when deciding what to read?

Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
Not getting enough Doctor Who? Here's a great list of Doctor Who-related books.

Thanks For The Nightmares Nature: Watch A Giant Red Leech Slurp Down An Earthworm Like Spaghetti

File this under: OHMYFUCKINGGOD!

In what will likely be nightmare fuel for the rest of my life, the BBC has decided to release footage of a giant red leech SUCKING down a huge earthworm. While that may not seem like a big deal, you are wrong, and, after watching this short yet incredibly horrifying footage, you too will be ruined emotionally.

I would tell you to prepare yourself but there really isn't anything that you can do, so please, down a few Xanax with a glass of wine and then watch nature do what it does best...make you stay inside.

Video after the break.

ANIMATION GEEK: George Takei Narrates the Brilliant Animated Short 'The Missing Scarf'

This is a story about loss, finding yourself in spite of failure and a bunch of forest-dwelling animals dealing with some deep shit. If you are interested in a philosophical discussion that deals with dark material wrapped up in an ultra-cute animated style, then you will most likely enjoy The Missing Scarf by Eoin Duffy (although you may feel a bit depressed about it afterward).

While the short may bring up some existential questions for you to ponder, the deeply heavy storyline gets wonderfully softened by the delicious George Takei, which is nice, considering that it's hard to fall into a manic episode when Hikaru Sulu is there holding your metaphorical hand.

Animation after the break.

MUSIC VIDEO MONDAY: My United States of Whatever- Liam Lynch

Image by Mike Farruggia

Back in the early to mid oughts I was an inventory manger at an independent art store (Cheers to Primary Art Supply) and our music selection was what you would call mixed. While the rule of the store might have been "Keep the music clean, keep it low and keep it shopper-friendly" what we, the worker bees, did was play stuff that was mostly suited to our bedrooms. Lots of punk, emo, rap, 80s stuff, metal and weird crap like: the Japanese noise-rock band Melt-Banana, Wing, Captain Beefheart, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black...just to piss off the customers. Not to mention that our store was staffed or associated with talented musicians who actually kick ass themselves, and who we all were not above pimping out to the masses, like Kylesa, Superhorse, GAM and Baroness.

Which brings me to Liam Lynch's punky "I Don't Give A Shit" song My United States of Whatever.

This was kind of our anthem at the start of every work day. We would turn it up loud and scream/sing along to it before the doors would be unlocked and customers would come in and ask stupid questions like "Would this blue look good in a painting of France?" or say thing out loud that should have been buried deep within them (One customer actually said: "If you mix this color with raw umber you get the negro color"- which we wrote down on a list we kept of horrible things customers would tell/ask us).

So, because this is Monday and I am feeling particularly sentimental about my years establishing prices for Williamsburg oil paints, here's Liam Lynch.

Feel free to turn it up all the way to 11.

October Treat! No Trick! 14% SuperHeroStuff Savings For Forces of Geek Readers!

With Halloween arriving at the end of the month, what better way to prepare than loading up on some awesome stuff from our friends at, the largest superhero store on the web.

After the jump find out about their new Mystery Box, limited to just 300 available plus save 15% off your purchase!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Long Beach Comic Con Launches the Dwayne McDuffie Award

One-of-a-kind prize honors diversity in comics in honor of legendary creator

Long Beach Comic Con was proud to announce today the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity. The only comics award of its kind, the inaugural Dwayne McDuffie Award will be granted the weekend of February 28, 2015 to an American comics work, published in print or digitally in 2014, deemed by the Selection Committee to promote diversity. In the spirit of Dwayne McDuffie himself, “promoting diversity” can be judged as either broadening the range of characters portrayed in comics, or adding to the variety of creators contributing to the medium.

Dwayne McDuffie was a comic book and television writer, famous for writing and producing the animated series Justice League Unlimited and Ben 10: Alien Force/Ultimate Alien, and for creating the animated series Static Shock. McDuffie also co-founded Milestone Media, a minority-owned-and-operated comic-book company. During his career, McDuffie earned three Eisner Award nominations, two Emmy Award nominations, and won the Inkpot award, a Humanitas Award and a WGA Award.

“Dwayne was an incredible creator, and used his talents to help bring more diversity into comics,” said Martha Donato, co-founder of Long Beach Comic Con. “His influence on comics is incredible, and we look forward to helping preserve his legacy through this award.”

Friday, September 26, 2014


A world of four color magic arrives every Wednesday.

Stories and adventures of heroes and villains, good versus evil.

Tales that entertain and excite by talented writers and artists.

Here are my thoughts Among The Panels.

Lumberjanes #6

Writer: Noelle Stevenson & Grace Ellis 

Artist: Brooke A. Allen

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Price: $3.99

Okay, so I have been behind the times lately. I have heard the buzz about Lumberjanes online and seen the art everywhere as of late but I was still reluctant to pick it up.

I had heard that it was one of the best comic for girls, pretty much ever. I know the comic book industry has been fighting hard to find burgeoning female market and exploit the hell out of it.

BOOM! is currently leading the way of making appealing content, not just for one side of the fence or the other, but instead making good comics that everyone can read and enjoy without taking into account their gender.

Lumberjanes is better than I expected and once again BOOM! has shaken my understanding of how comics can be made.

Having just caught up on Lumberjanes; I feel kind of bad that my first review is of issue 6 but I couldn’t keep my mouth shut! If you, like me, haven’t caught up let me give you a quick update. The story is about a rag-tag group of teenage girls that fight monsters while at an all girls summer camp.

There are tons of magical things going on in and around the camp. They have been attacked by 3 eyed monsters, fought living rock dudes in a cave, and one of them has been accused of being a magical beast by a Bear-woman. I know, it sounds awesome and it really is.

Coming off issue 5, where the girls fought off a pack of raptors, this issue is a little less out there. The campers have pretty much forgotten about the raptors and now are in the midst of playing and epic game of capture the flag. There were a few questions brought up in the previous issue about one of our girls named Jo, she is the semi-leader of our group. In this issue we get more information but leave more confused.

One of our villains from the previous issue is revealed to be Jo’s sister and that they know more about the magic going on than they want to admit. There is literally only one page that includes this idea and it is as quickly forgotten as it brought up.

Noelle and Grace slam out another great issue here. Their dialogue is still growing stronger with each issue and the catchphrases set up in the first few issues make you feel right at home on every page. They have managed to build a really awesome world around these girls and it’s accepting in every aspect. It’s just strong, different, and hard to ignore. Brooke’s art is also so strong and inventive that it keeps your eyes pleased from panel to panel.

Lumberjanes is paving the way for non-superhero based books. The only way that we, as comic book fans, can change the landscape of the industry is to support books like this. If we take it upon ourselves to champion books like this we can’t fail.

Score: 5 out of 5