Monday, October 20, 2014

Boston Cinegeeks! Check Out NIGHTCRAWLER Starring Jake Gyllenhaal!

Nightcrawler is a pulse-pounding thriller set in the nocturnal underbelly of contemporary Los Angeles. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Lou Bloom, a driven young man desperate for work who discovers the high-speed world of L.A. crime journalism. Finding a group of freelance camera crews who film crashes, fires, murder and other mayhem, Lou muscles into the cut-throat, dangerous realm of nightcrawling -- where each police siren wail equals a possible windfall and victims are converted into dollars and cents. Aided by Rene Russo as Nina, a veteran of the blood-sport that is local TV news, Lou blurs the line between observer and participant to become the star of his own story. 
And we're giving away passes to Forces of Geek readers to see the film on Tuesday, October 28 at 7pm at the AMC Boston Common.

Visit HERE and enter the code: FOGC8T2 for your chance to download complimentary passes.

Just a reminder that tickets are oversold and you should plan on getting there early. Passes and admittance are on a first come first served basis.

Nightcrawler arrives in theaters Friday, October 31st, 2014
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Check out what I checked out this week.

Whether the comics are inspiring or disappointing, I read them all.

Welcome to The Pull List.

And, as always...Spoilers ahead!

WWE Superstars #9
Writer: Mick Foley, Shane Riches
Artist: Paris Cullins
Color Laurie E. Smith
Publisher: Super Genius
Price: $3.99

There is a rumor going around that at next year’s WrestleMania, John Cena, age 37, will square off with a 61 year old Hulk Hogan.

The predetermined nature of professional wrestling allows for certain dream matches to occur that otherwise wouldn’t happen in Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts.

However, what if this match and others could happen when both men were in their prime?

Mick Foley and Shane Riches give us a look, through a bizarre prism of what they would look like.

Wrestlers from different eras are being pulled into combat across a myriad of battle fields from the Roman Colosseum to pirate ships of the Seven Seas.

Present-Day Daniel Bryan and Rowdy Roddy Piper from 1986 join forces to discover the evil puppet master behind this constant mayhem.

We are treated to several other matches and some of them deviate from their assigned “programing” which causes things to be even more hectic.

This incarnation of Roddy Piper is from the 80’s and doesn’t know who Bryan is but Bryan knows everything about Piper, which adds a level of intrigue to their partnership. Foley, known for his wrestling exploits, really makes this book stand out from just another wasted wrestling title with more substance than style. He knows the wrestlers so he is able to insert all of their signature catch phrases and dialog and at the right time instead of just incorporating it for the sake of a cheap thrill.

The art in the previous issues left a lot to be desired where some characters were hard to identify Paris Cullins is a much welcomed hand in this series as his illustrations are clean, full of energy and are fun to look at.

Wrestling comic books tend to suck, but this Legends event is different and should more than hold its own while producing pages of body slamming entertainment. Randy Orton vs. Jake “The Snake Roberts, Ultimate Warrior vs. John Cena, Hulk Hogan vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, what more could you ask for.

Score: 4 out of 5

Flashback to 13 DEAD END DRIVE...From Milton Bradley

Fact: the Forces of Geek editors do not like it when you use their corporate American Express Black card on frivolous purchases.

They really don’t like it when you use it on a number of questionable Amazon and eBay items. 

Who knew?

Anyway, I had to return the “adult recreation swing,” the life-size Tron motorcycle, four refurbished animatronic performers from an old Showbiz Pizza resturant, three cases of Betty White’s special edition Merlot called “Rose,” a trampoline shaped like Gizmo, a collection of porcelain drunk baby clown figures, a lock of Tom Selleck’s hair, and the prop chainsaw from Evil Dead 2.


However, after a stern “talking to” from one of the very large, incredibly scary assistant editors at FOG!, the editors felt I could keep one purchase – only because it could be the subject of this week’s Flashback.

13 Dead End Drive

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If you've ever wondered what the Jolly Old Elf does after he drops off gifts to the good little gentile boys and girls (and by the way Santa, I don't appreciate your bigoted views against us Jews) then you'll probably enjoy Santa Claus: Private Eye, a digital comic which delves deep into the noir-ish life that Santa, the Private Dick, keeps up the other 364 days a year.

From dealing with femme fatales, gangsters and guns to snapping pics of people screwing just so he can make a living, Santa Claus is coming to town...or whatever catch phrase seems more menacing.

Created by Jeremy Bernstein (writer on Leverage and the video games Dead Space 2 and Pretty in Pink (wtf?)) and drawn by artist Michael Dorman (Logan's Run: Aftermath and Tales from the Dark Universe), this weekly serial is available from Thrillbent for a $3.99 monthly subscription (which also gets you access to the entire Thrillbent library).

If you want to take a gander at this interesting view of Mr. Kringle being not so chipper, than read this first chapter for free HERE.

I'm guessing this might crush the childhoods of those of you who Santa did see fit to deliver gifts to, for me, it's nice to see that he has a tough time making ends meet...yeah, I'm bitter, so what?

TWIN PEAKS Co-Creator Mark Frost Will Give the Low-Down On What Has Happened To the Characters In A New Book Out Late 2015

Art By Megan Brain

As a Twin Peaks fan, the announcement that David Lynch and Mark Frost will be bringing the cult show back to television (via Showtime) is akin to finding out that back fat is finally fashionable. And now comes news that co-creator Mark Frost is penning a book, The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks, that will chronicle the last 25 years of the characters' lives in order to bring us up to date for the new show's release in 2016.

There's only one way to celebrate this news:

Life definitely just got better (and yes, I did do this dance upon hearing the news about the new Twin Peaks show and no, I am not ashamed about it).

Source: THR

MUSIC VIDEO MONDAY: I Want To Be Your Joey Ramone- Sleater-Kinney

In honor of Sub Pop's October 21st release of the Sleater-Kinney box set, Start Together, containing remastered editions of all seven of their albums, I thought it might be nice to celebrate one of my favorite girl punk bands with a beloved, often played song (from their 1996 album Call the Doctor) I Want to Be Your Joey Ramone.

While the mid-nineties may be some twenty years ago, for me, that murky ether of nostalgia makes it feel as if I were still back in those heady days of the Riot Grrrl movement where you could feel a change a comin' (and then felt it slipping away as the oughts began) and lose yourself to the sounds of a bunch of girls screaming loudly...sadly, I am 40 and the only real yelling that is going on these days is me yelling at the neighbor kids to stay off of my lawn.

Maybe if I listen to Sleater-Kinney more, I might get back my Riot Grrrl cred:

Video after the break.

Friday, October 17, 2014

LET'S GO TO THE MOVIES: Dreams That Money Can Buy (1947)

Dreams That Money Can Buy is a weirdly fun surrealist flick about a man (Jack Bittner) who signs a lease for an apartment he can't really afford and discovers that, when looking directly into his own eyes in a mirror, he can see what is happening in his head. Naturally, he determines he could probably see into other people's heads as well and sets up shop manipulating sad people's dreams for cash money.

The movie is comprised of seven different vignettes, written and directed by some of the world's greatest avant-garde/surrealist artists: Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Alexander Calder, Fernand L├ęger and Hans Richter and seems to be the inspiration for Being John Malkovich.

Check it out after the break.

Crack the Code with Justin Jordan's DEEP SLATE From BOOM! Studios

Deep State #1 Main Cover by Matt Taylor

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. Whether you want to believe it or debunk it, stories of the faked moon landing, government-sanctioned assassinations, and brainwashing have been around for generations. This November, award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios asks: What if those conspiracy theories were planted to cover up an even darker truth?

Discover the conspiracy behind the conspiracies with Deep State, a new ongoing series that kicks off the first of three original series from one of the emerging voices behind hard-hitting and intelligent stories, Justin Jordan (Spread, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode), and talented artist Ariela Kristantina (Death of Wolverine).