Friday, October 24, 2014

YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION Comes To Blu-ray From Warner Archive!

Thrilling Second Season of Popular Animated Series Comes to Blu-ray
on 11-18-14 with Exclusive All-New Commentary on Final Two Episodes

Warner Archive Collection brings another outstanding Warner Bros. Animation television series to Blu-ray with the November 18 release of “Young Justice: Invasion,” the thrilling second season of the popular series.

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When you think of clones in science fiction film, you'll think immediately of Star Wars.

But there is a string of fascinating clone films from the late 60s into the early 80s, produced when cloning was a new concept, even a new word.

Only one or two of these films is well known, and none of these films are great.  But each of them deserves some credit for taking the concept seriously, taking chances with ideas that were still undeveloped.

One thing that "clone movies" have in common is their use of surprises.  Somewhere around the halfway mark, there will be a surprise - that cloning is happening, that the main character is a clone, or something similar.

Another common quality is their being structured mostly like espionage thrillers, perhaps from James Bond film influence.  The main character is either a scientist or a detective, and either he's running from spies or chasing after them.

The word "clone" dates back to 1963, and the first genuine clone is usually considered to be Cornell University's carrot in 1964, so we'll start our look at clone movies in 1965.

I've commented further on all these movies in my Claws & Saucers guidebook, but I hope you'll enjoy the brief comments and links below.

I count eight clone movies total.

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A world of four color magic arrives every Wednesday.

Stories and adventures of heroes and villains, good versus evil.

Tales that entertain and excite by talented writers and artists.

Here are my thoughts Among The Panels.

Memetic #1
Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Eryk Donovan
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Price: $4.99

Have you ever spent hours online falling down the rabbit hole that is memes?  I know I have on too many occasions to really feel good about.  

Memetic #1 goes out of its way to make you second guess having Reddit be your homepage.

The bulk of this story is about an image of a “happy little sloth” that was posted to Reddit early one morning.

Everyone around the world got a chance to see it since social media has virtually taken over the way we share and receive media. The thing about the picture is that when you look at it a wave of total euphoria washed over you and you can’t help but keep looking at it.

Our main character, Aaron, fortunately is colorblind which makes the magic of the photo not work on him. All he cares about is that his boyfriend won’t text him back. The realistic nature of this character really helps drive this story.

When we transition to our other visually challenged character; an ex-government agent, Marcus, with a deteriorating eye condition, it doesn’t feel weird. Marcus knew about a secret project back in the 90’s that spoke about the power of memetics and how they could be weaponized. After the picture of the happy little sloth goes viral, reaches all the major news outlets, and even gets into the hands of the President; things really start to get out of control.

The whole comic takes place over the course of twelve hours. The image was posted at around 7 A.M and when the clock reaches 7 P.M all hell breaks loose. It turns out that the image infests your brain and after the twelve hour mark it shuts you down. Your eyes start bleeding, you start screaming and then you decide to rip other people’s faces off. It seems pretty bad for everyone.

James Tynion IV has been churning out exceptional work as of late and this will only help solidify him as one of best young comic book writers around. His pacing in this book feels really nice. Even though it’s a 44 page book that costs 4.99, it’s worth it. It’s a story about right now, but it doesn’t feel like he is pandering to a younger generation. His understands how “young” people act and talk and that helps make this story feel extra terrifying. Working closely with Scott Snyder has really elevated his writing to a new level.

There are some pretty grisly images in this book but because of the soft and nice art of Eryk Donovan it’s not too disturbing. The image of the happy little sloth is a certain kind of awesome and I can’t wait to own a shirt with it printed boldly on the front. These two have crafted a really relevant story that will make you think about the way you share pictures via the internet. While I was reading I was thinking about what it would really be like if something like this happened and I don’t think it would be far off. It’s scary thinking about how easy it is to share things these days and James Tynion has planted another fear into my subconscious.

Also as a side-note the back of the issue has a really cool Facebook layout for talking about the comic that felt really cool. All praise the Happy Little Sloth.

Score: 5 out of 5 

CRIMINAL Comes to Image With New One-Shot and Trade Paperbacks

Image Comics is thrilled to announce that CRIMINAL, the award-winning series by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, is finally returning to print in beautifully designed new editions, beginning in January.

And to celebrate the return of the comic that solidified their reputations as Masters of Noir, Brubaker and Phillips, along with colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser, are creating a special 48-page one-shot sure to excite diehard fans and pull in new readers alike. For the true CRIMINAL fanatic, a special CRIMINAL: SAVAGE EDITION magazine-sized variant will also be available. 

LET'S GO TO THE MOVIES: Devil Times Five (1974)

So here's a semi-scary/not intentionally funny little film that never shows up on anyone's Halloween Must See lists but should, on account that it's about a group of kids from a mental ward who survive a bus accident and end up at a rich guy's house, only to repay his kind generosity of providing shelter by acting like a bunch of mini Michael Myers' and killing his friends in some pretty ingenious ways.

And there's one of them now, building a human snowman

If I'm remembering correctly there's a swingers party happening at the Rich Guy's house so naturally it's an appropriate place for kids to be and the adults, who are all bored shitless by their banal first world problems, drink to excess and talk about inane things (which is probably why the homicidal children -one of whom dresses like a nun- desires to butcher them..I know I would).

While I feel like the creators of this gem wanted me to be frightened by a group of psychotic tweens and pre-tweens who prey upon the adults for sport, the fact is, they are adorable, and if you want to get all weirdly cryptic, the movie plays like a veiled commentary on the rise of the Latch Key Kids, left alone by self-centered adults who are then forced to confront what all that detachment does to a child.

Of course, I've had a few beers and am feeling all sadly nostalgic about the days when the TV was my babysitter so take that assessment with a glass rim of salt.

As for the cast, the movie stars Boss Hogg (Sorrell Brooke), Rosario Inez Consuelo Yolanda Salazar (Shelly Morrison) and Zack Russell (Leif Garrett), and if you don't know who those characters/actors are, Google them, I'm too drunk to explain these things to a bunch of Millennials.

I think you're really going to like this one, and if you don't, well, these kids will take care of that:

Movie after the break.

DOCTOR WHO: THE COMPLETE EIGHTH SERIES Lands on Blu-ray and DVD on December 9th

Includes Exclusive Footage from London Premiere
featuring Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat

THE SMALL PLEASURES: Let's Give It Up For The Little Things In Life That Keeps Us From Strangling People To Death With An Infinity Scarf

Doing This Helps Me From Killing People

After a hard week it can be difficult to truly enjoy a weekend due to all the stress trying to squeeze its way out of your body (for me, my bad week revolved around watching the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer and realizing that Hank Pym would not be the creator of Ultron and I'm not sure how to process that). So, to help all of us get into a better frame of mind, here's a lovely little video from The School of Life that will remind us that even though things in the Marvel movie universe will not transpire the way you were hoping it will, there's still a chance Avengers II will be an awesome movie (or so help me, Joss Whedon will feel my wrath)...or, you know, something similar to that.

Video after the break.

Rick Was Here: Rick Rubin Revisits The Dorm Room Where Def Jam Records was Born

In this mini doc by Rolling Stone, Def Jam Records founder, Rick Rubin, returns to his NYU dorm room where the record label began and discusses what it is like to be one of the coolest, most influential human beings on the planet.

While I love the fact that Rubin can talk about his place in the Hip-hop/Rap pantheon without any hint of artifice or swagger (and, to look at him you'd think he was a lost cast member of Duck Dynasty...only without all the racism and bigotry) what is even more remarkable is that he managed (with co-founder Russell Simmons) to create a musical dynasty without ever really trying to...he just wanted to make records for his friends.

Kind of makes you long for the days when you could just be a creative, free-thinking human being without the need to create a platform/brand for yourself before actually creating something doesn't it?

Video after the break.