Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Princess Bride As A Horror Film

The Princess Bride may be one of the most beloved romantic films ever made, but, when it gets the horror treatment (via a re-cut), it turns into a creepy thriller that I totally want to see. And, even though Wesley appears to be some kind of serial killer in it, I am not ashamed to admit that I would still do him.

I'm not quite sure that that says about me, but I've decided, for the sake of my mental health, not to look too deeply into that side of myself, otherwise there could be Zoloft in my future.

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NATURE GEEK: True (and Gross) Facts About Marsupials

Ze Frank (who has made learning about nature hilarious) has tackled the Marsupials in his newest video and I have to thank him for settling a debate that I have had with my hubby concerning the koala, particularly the way that it feeds its infant. Sure, we both could have looked up the information on Google and been done with it years ago, but, as anyone who is married knows, it's much more fun to keep an argument going until you are both bitter and annoyed by one another.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

FOG! Chats With CHUCK DIXON About 'SWORD OF WOOD' Kickstarter, A New Graphic Novel/Film Property

Interview Conducted by Stefan Blitz

For the past three decades, Chuck Dixon has been one of comics' most versatile storytellers, writing for virtually every major company in every possible genre.  Chuck was the primary writer on many of the Batman titles throughout much of the nineties and early 2000s.  Among the other titles he has written significant runs for are The Punisher, The Simpsons, G.I. Joe, Green Arrow, Savage Sword of Conan, Nightwing, Robin, Birds of Prey and Marc Spector: Moon Knight.

But, Chuck is also recognized for his creator owned work as well, including Lawdog, Evangeline, Valkyrie, and the reimaginings of public domain characters The Black Terror and Airboy.  Most recently, he's written two Bad Times novels, Cannibal Gold and Blood Red Tide which places a team of Army Rangers in a science fiction setting.

Chuck and artist Estève Polls (Lone Ranger, the upcoming: Django Unchained/Zorro team-up) are collaborating on Sword of Wood, a new graphic novel that's also being developed as a feature film.  The very busy Mr. Dixon took a few minutes to discuss the graphic novel that's currently being promoted via Kickstarter.

FOG!:  What was the genesis of Sword of Wood? Was it originally conceived as a film or a graphic novel or both simultaneously.

Chuck Dixon: I'm a comic book guy. I think of everything as a comic book project first.

How did the project wind up at Framelight Productions?

I've known these guys a long time.

You've been one of comics' most extremely prolific writers. The industry has changed significantly since you first broke in. In addition to your past work for DC, Marvel, IDW, etc.; you really established yourself developing your own creator owned work. Do you think a project like this would have had a shot in the traditional comic book marketplace?

I do. The comic book market now includes public libraries, digital and book fairs. In those venues, unlike in direct marketing, genres other than superheroes are welcome. Sword of Wood will be welcomed by that audience as it's a new twist on a tried and true horror genre.

I'm assuming that the story of Sword of Wood involves several of your actual interests. What were your influences in developing the story?

I'm a history nut and have a toy soldier fascination with all things military. A chance to explore the medieval world with a horror story that pays attention to the daily realities of that world was the draw for me. I don't want to give too much away but you'll see things in this story you haven't seen before either in a historical epic or a horror story.

Is Sword of Wood a finite property, or if it's successful is it something that you can revisit?

We're creating a universe here. Our initial story is certainly complete but the opportunities to go on are built in.

Framelight seems committed to keeping creator's involved with the development of their projects. Are there any of your other creations you'd like to see on screen?

I have a lot of stuff in play right now for film, TV and games. But I'd absolutely love to have these guys handle any future properties or even create a fresh story tailored for them.

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'Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Turkey Day Collection' Available Nov. 25th from Shout! Factor

It’s time to talk turkey! Celebrating Thanksgiving with turkey has been a well-known tradition for generations, but for MST-ies, Turkey Day also means celebrating another tradition: one that involves giving thanks for turkeys of the cinematic variety. This year, our Turkey Day feast will feature four never before on DVD episodes, Jungle Goddess, The Painted Hills, The Screaming Skull and Squirm.

The Unproduced Toys That Break My Heart

Who remembers tearing ferociously through every page of a SEARS Wishbook or JC Penny Christmas catalog?

All those pictures of toys and action figures that if you were just lucky enough… you just might get your hands on.

Amazing scenes, dioramas, product shots… However it was laid out, it had you salivating, bothering your parents and lost in action figure daydreams.

And what about the little catalogs that were included in boxed toys, or pictures on the back of the action figure cards displaying what else was available… or what else was on the way.

In that magical time before the internet, those pictures of what could be available were a rare and special thing.

Sometimes within those pictures were teases of toys that would never be. Toys that were planned and got scrapped, toys from companies that shut down, toys or action figures that the licensing was never approved.

Via Action Figure Insider

As an adult we can see how that happens…

We understand the complexities of business and the cruel reality of industry.

But as a kid, all you see are dreams that didn’t come true. Here are a few of the toys that never were, that broke my heart.

Sequels That Should Happen, Part 2: The Sequel

About a year ago I wrote a Geek Spasm about Sequels That Should Happen.

In a fortuitous dual turn of events, sequels to two biggies from that list—Remo Williams and Pacific Rim—have recently been given the green light.

As the inner geek in all of us celebrates, let’s discuss the prospects of these imminent new franchises, check up on the status of other long-gestating sequels, and pontificate on a few new entries to the list of movies that deserve to be continued.

The Destroyer (Remo Williams reboot/sequel)

It’s finally happening: there will indeed be a follow-up to the 1985 cult hit Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (and its subtitle, long a snicker-inducing punchline of ’80s movie hubris, will finally be proven true).

The official announcement that another Remo movie is finally in the works ought to be enough to send any ’80s aficionado into a head spin, but news that the reigns are being handed over to Shane Black—writer of Lethal Weapon and Predator; writer/director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3—is cause for outright unexpurgated nerdgasm.

There are dozens of books in the Destroyer cycle that are ripe for adaptation. It’s not apparent yet if Remo Redux (my title) will be a reboot, a sequel or a prequel, but assuming something as critical as casting is handled with extreme care, the new Remo could emerge as a powerhouse action franchise hero.

If Pizza Hut Were Run By Cats...Yes, This A Japanese Thing

Only in Japan would two of the internet's favorite things be combined together in a nonsensical ad for Pizza Hut. So thank you land of infinite weirdness, you are truly the king of adorable oddness.

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EUGENE: A Short Film About The Dangers Of Getting What You Want

In this short film by Spencer Susser (Hesher) a quiet, young man named Eugene checks into a ritzy hotel in D.C. and, for some unexplained reason, receives a computer that makes all of his wishes come true.

Unfortunately, getting what he wants isn't going to be as awesome as he thinks it is...You know, he probably should have read the terms and conditions before agreeing to them.

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BRYAN CRANSTON'S Preparation H Ad...The H Stands For Heisenberg

Once upon a time, way before his days of playing Tim Whatley on Seinfeld, Hal on Malcolm In the Middle and of course the best Meth Cook on the planet, Walter White on Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston had to shill anal cream to the masses without breaking down in tears.

But there's something kind of Walter-ish about his conviction in the power of oxygen to shrink your ass bumps and, if you look at the intensity in his eyes, you sort of feel that he would have no problem running over some hemorrhoids in his car before shooting them in their heads.

And when it comes to growths on my bunghole that's the kind of strength I want when slathering cream on the ole chocolate starfish.

Did I share too much?

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