Saturday, October 31, 2009


How's this for a Halloween treat? A FORCES OF GEEK exclusive interview with Robert Englund on the heals of celebrating his latest web series Fear Clinic.

In this complete and utter geek-out, we chat about the new FearNet show and take a glimpse into the reality of it continuing after the initial five. By the way, you can check into the Fear Clinic for free at Robert also has a new book out that any true fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies should own. It's called Hollywood Monster and it's in stores now.

What's great about this master of horror is he truly is a genre geek at heart. He knows his stuff, has a wicked sense of humor and is completely fascinating to talk shop with.

From a noisier than we would have liked location, Robert gives some insight on...

• One of the strangest Freddy costumes he's ever encountered.

• His certain fondness for Mad Scientists and Margot Kidder in Sisters.

• What horror property he's currently geeking out over.

and the big question (no, the OTHER big question)...

• Would he welcome a role in the new V series?!

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