Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 COSPLAY IDEAS To Avoid At This Year's Comic-Con

There's Never a Good Reason for This...Never

Well, we're about a month away from the San Diego Comic-Con 2010 and I know there's bound to be a few of you putting the final touches on your Vampire Hunter D costume (seriously, after all these years, you're still going as D?). And as much as I like you and think everything that you do is awesome, there's a part of me that really wants to protect you from the onslaught of mockery that's bound to come your way, to be forever immortalized on the internet under the "Check out this Douche Bag" banner.

So, for the love of all that is Cosplay, please try to avoid the following costume choices or I will have no other option than to pretend I don't know you if asked:

Bad Cosplay Choice #1-Black Spider-Man (who ate Red Spider-Man)

Bad Cosplay Choice #2- Pissed-off Mario (some Zoloft and a Vodka chaser might be better here)

Bad Cosplay Choice #3- The Prince from Katamari Damacy (cool, yes, but you're rolling around a garbage ball all fracking day...at Comic-Con)

Bad Cosplay Choice#4- The group look (if one of you can't pull it off, then the rest of you can't pull it off)

Bad Cosplay #5- No! No! No!

Bad Cosplay Choice #6-Link and Zelda (Link is gay, Zelda a fag-hag...dress accordingly)

Bad Cosplay Choice #7- Mega Man is not Tron (and your junk is not Mega)

Bad Cosplay Choice #8- Pikachu (younger than 5 is cute, older than 26, you're borderline pathetic)

Bad Cosplay Choice #9- Old, Doughy Wolverine (so much for that healing factor)

Bad Cosplay Choice #10- Shiny Nightwing (complete with action Jazz Hands)

There, I hope I've helped you, and remember, if people are shaking with laughter when they ask to take your picture, it's not because they think you look good, it's because they are going to post it on Facebook with a derogatory comment about the size of your ass.


  1. Hilarious.
    That fat girl in the fur is crazy, she looks like she's set up for a kinky porno.

  2. The theme here seems to be mostly "don't be fat." Very thoughtful/original.

  3. This is extremely rude. Plus there are only pictures of bigger people on your list. Cosplay shouldn't matter. Even if someone looks like they are lacking who cares? Really. Come on now people.

  4. It's not about fat people in costumes (full disclosure: I am a chumkmeister myself), it's about choosing costumes that are bad, either poorly constructed, or simply horrible choices.

    I chose the costumes, not the people.

    Let's not make this into an anti-fat post since that was not the intent.

  5. This list is mostly all about avoiding cosplay if you're fat or less attractive.

  6. "(if one of you can't pull it off, then the rest of you can't pull it off)" So is that in reference to being fat or being black? 'Cause I'm really taking that one as "don't be black and cosplay".

  7. This is so bad. If you want to be Spiderman be Spiderman. That is the fun of Cosplay. You can be whoever or whatever your want.