Wednesday, June 16, 2010

E3, JUST LIKE THOSE HIGH SCHOOL Parties That You Were Never Invited To

With all the announcements coming from E3, you'd think that the convention was some well-oiled machine filled with responsible, mature people who loved games and technology right?


E3 is to technogeeks what Bread Loaf is to a writer. A place where you can relive all your teenage fantasies via sex, drinks, and, of course, the painful reminder that you are not in the cool clique after-all.

Want proof? Then check out Dale North's Destructoid column all about re-living his high school years while attending E3. Trust me, it'll bring back some haunting memories.

And to cliff note the tangled web of cliques that tend to hang together at these conventions, here's a little graph to help you figure out which group would be willing to have you (kudos to IGN for making it clear to me that I would be sitting at the Super Senior table).

High School

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