Friday, May 6, 2011

Ben Templesmith Returns to Wormwood with WORMWOOD: BINGO NIGHT IN VALHALLA

How great a day is this? 
First, it's Friday. 
Second, my head cold seems to be subsiding. 
Third, I found out there is a Donald Trump comic coming out. 
Fourth: One day left until Free Comic Book Day.
Fifth: Ben Templesmith is releasing a new Wormwood series in July!

How's that for burying the lead?

I have so loved Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse and Wormwood: Calamari Rising, that the idea of a new Wormwood series fills me with Geekstacy!

Templesmith's character, Wormwood, is some kind of demigod from another dimension who happens to be a worm.  He saves the world from all kids of ungodly horrors and supernatural monsters.  He also gets around by burrowing into the body of a dead man -- usually a snappily dressd one.

It's fantastic stuff!

Wormwood: Bingo Night in Valhalla #1 (of 4)
Ben Templesmith (w) & (a) & (c)
Eisner-nominated creator Ben Templesmith returns to the world of Wormwood with the undead detectives idea of a “vacation.” Which naturally entails Nordic gods, nursing homes, Valkyrie property developers, and a surly unicorn, too!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Photo Wormwood Cosplay cover
Ben Templesmith sketch cover
Ben Templesmith is the Eisner-nominated artist behind 30 Days of Night
The original Wormwood #1 is available as a Hundred Penny Press in July, too!

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