Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ABC Buys Comedy Based on TRACY MCMILLAN'S Blog Post

The single blog post Why You're Not Married at Huffington Post by Tracy McMillan is now the latest thing from the internet to be adapted into a comedy on TV.

According to Deadline, the network has made a script commitment with penalty for the single-camera comedy. McMillan who has worked on shows like Mad Men and United States of Tara is set to write the script for Why You're Not Married whiich will be produced at DreamWorks Studios.

The show is decribed as “a brutally honest look at love,” and focuses on the state of relationships in America right now. It will generally be centered around why many attractive women between 25-45 want to be married, and similarly the men that can't commit.

McMillan's blog post in February became the second most read story on HuffPo. It's basically a list that states obvious flaws that women (and probably men too) are unable to see in themselves. The single post led to a bidding war for a book, it's coming out next May, and also drew interest from multiple networks.

Growing up in the foster-care system, McMillan is the daughter of a pimp and a prostitute and has already written about her own upbringing and difficulty with relationships. Her memoir I Love You and I'm Leaving You Anyway captured many difficult points in her life while also exploring how her childhood affected her life and who she is today.

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