Thursday, March 8, 2012

HAPPY PURIM EVERYONE...For Those of you Not Jewish It's Like Halloween with Specific Shaped Pastries

Ahhh...Purim, the lesser Jewish holiday that basically consists of Jews dressing up in costumes and listening to the story of ...well, it's another story about how the Jews escaped being massacred (which is how all our stories go it seems)  followed by the eating of triangle pastries called hamantaschen (it refers to Haman's pockets, the guy who wanted to kill all Jews because one guy didn't bow down before him) and partying in the streets.

I'm not going to pretend that this Holiday is a huge one but if you are Jewish and you work for a Gentile then tell them you need to take the day off for religious reasons and get your ass down to a Purim party pronto.

And, if you happen to be in NYC today head over to S.O.B.’s  on 204 Varick St. at 8:30 tonight for the "A Purim Bad Mitzvah" featuring the band Deathrow Tull and supervised by Rabbi Darkside.

After the break is a video of Deathrow Tull's song Ain't to get you in the mood.


Source: Heeb

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