Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seth MacFarlane Talks FLINTSTONES Reboot at SxSW

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane revealed his some details regarding his interpretation of the Hanna Barbera classic series, The Flintstones, that he is currently developing during a panel at the SxSW Festival this past weekend.

According to the Huffington Post, MacFarlane is well aware of the significance of working on such an iconic property.

"It's like being handed the keys to a very old expensive car," he said. "You want to be careful not to be Ferris Bueller with it. It was the first thing I drew, when I was two years old. It's a nice, full-circle thing."

MacFarlane is currently finishing a rewrite on the pilot and feels that it's "been fun" bringing Bedrock's most iconic citizens back to life.

"We're trying to, essentially, stay true to what that show is. There's something cool to me about, in 2013, turning on your TV and seeing The Flintstones and having it look like The Flintstones. There's really not a lot about that show -- other than the references to 1960s America, which really come through in the writing more than the visual -- that needs to be changed visually and stylistically. They invented the template that we're using in animation. We kinda want to keep it, more or less, the same. The stories that we tell will be a little more current."

But, it won't be like Family Guy.

"It's a balance. We're kind of shooting for the level of edge in mid-'90s Simpsons. You're not going to see abortion jokes," he said with a laugh.

Which according to MacFarlane, apparently, are funny.

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