Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Today in the quick round-up of big names coming to TV, we have people like Kathy Bates, Noah Emmerich and Jason O'Mara. Former Hunter actress Stepfanie Kramer, also makes the list.

Emmerich is an FBI neighbor of KGB spies, Jason O'Mara is the Las Vegas Sheriff's little brother in the 60s, and Kathy Bates is Charlie Sheen somehow.

There is also Stepfanie Kramer, whose first name I still have trouble with, who will be making the jump from a detective to an attorney and mother of a victim on CSI.

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Charlie will be coming back to Two and a Half Men, but probably not in the way you expected. THR reports that CBS has booked Kathy Bates to guest star as the ghost of Charlie Harper, Sheen's old and now dead character. In the April 30th episode of the show Jon Cryer's character Alan has a minor heart attack. All that is known right now is that Charlie Harper will be making a bedside visit in a ghostly form. 

In the upcoming drama pilot The Americans, Deadline reports that Noah Emmerich has closed a deal that will see him acting opposite Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys. In the 1980s period drama a couple of KGB spies pose as suburbanites in Washington, DC. Emmerich will play one of their neighbors who is a Counter Intelligence FBI agent. As time goes by he begins to grow suspicious of the couple

For six season of Hunter, Stepfanie Kramer played Detective Dee Dee McCall. Now THR reports she will be coming to a guest role on CSI. In the April 4th episode, she will play a character known as Vivian Brentson who is an attorney and a mother to identical triplets show who were raised without knowing of their brothers' existence. That is until the three siblings, all with criminal records, win a trip to Las Vegas. Homeland actor Jackson Pace will also be in the episode and Avery Kiel, the son of a man who was recently murdered.

The still untitled drama pilot about Ralph Lamb that CBS has in the works has just added Jason O'Mara to the cast. According to Deadline, the former star of Terra Nova is now joining the high profile cast of Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis and Carrie-Anne Moss. The period piece takes place in 1960s Vegas where Lamb is a former rodeo cowboy who becomes the Sheriff of Sin City. O'Mara will have the role of Frank Lamb, Ralph's younger brother, who is considered to be the diplomat of the family.

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