Monday, April 16, 2012

BOOK REPORT - Week of April 15th, 2012

New J. K. Rowling Book 
If you missed it, here's the latest into on Rowling's new book, A Casual Vacancy, which is a story set in an idyllic English town called of Pagford, where the death of one of its most cherished citizens leads to the darkly comic revelation of its secrets.  The book is due out September 27th.

From the writer, director and producer, known for such movies as About a Boy and New Moon, is turning to the written word and the published page. The book, The Young World, is a post-apocalyptic young adult novel due out Spring 2014.

Robert Kirkman, bestselling graphic novel writer of The Walking Dead, had a taste of writing a book with The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor, and has announced he and co-author Jay Bonansinga will be publishing another book due out October 16th, called The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury.

From The Passive Voice comes a pretty fascinating list of the top ten bestselling authors of all time, some authors which you'll be able to guess and some you'll never expect.

With not making many people's "favorite" list these days with the crude and harsh business ploys they keep instituting, whether it's directed it physical bookstores, publishers, or customers, here's an article that comes up with some interesting that prove that a real bookstore will always be better than Amazon.

In a fascinating interview by bestselling author Neil Gaiman, for the UK Sunday Times, he sits down with the master of horror, Stephen King, in his Florida home, talking about books, writing and King's life in the past and now.

In what looks to be the first of a number of lawsuits, the Department of Justice has sued Apple Inc. over it's colluding with the Big Six publishers on ebook pricing and they're goal to gouge money out of unknowing customers.

In a fascinating article from Publisher's Weekly, the nitty gritty details are laid out about the Department of Justice's lawsuits against Apple and the Big Six publishers, some of which had already settled.  PW makes it clear to those who aren't sure what is exactly is going on, and why. 

In an interesting article from CNET, they explore why ebook pricing is the way it is and surprisingly so expensive for an item that seems relatively easy to create.

And to round off this week's book news, we have a humorous comic about ereaders.

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