Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Comic Feed 4/25/12

Dark Horse has celebratory coupons, Image has contest swag, and the DC vs. Chris Roberson drama appears to be coming to a close.

There’s lots of juicy treats for you today on your Comic Feed for April 25, 2012.

Happy Birthday Dark Horse Digital 

Dark Horse Digital is celebrating their one year anniversary this week and fans will be reaping the benefits. On April 27, 2011 Dark Horse released their standalone comic-reader app and digital store, which has been well received by fans, gaining new readership and a continuing fan base.

Offering both bestselling titles and exclusive digital content, Dark Horse is having a sale to celebrate their anniversary and appreciation of their fans. Get a 10% discount on all titles in the web store and stack your discounts with an extra coupon for those who are signed up for their newsletter by Thursday. The sale starts this Friday (April 27) and ends Sunday (April 29) at midnight PST, so go, hurry, sign up.

Dark Horse Digital is available through all modern web browsers and features cloud storage in both the Android (beta) and iOS apps.

Win Everything Image

Broken Frontier has been celebrating Image Comics all month long. Offering interviews, history, features, and reviews. They’ve also been offering a contest that is drawing to a close in the very near future. One lucky awesome person is going to win every single issue and collected edition Image Comics will release in May. That’s huge! The contest page reads:
“We’re celebrating 20 years of Image Comics, and we want you to do the same. Wish them a happy birthday, sing the company’s praises, let us hear how much you love the big I by way of a creative tribute to anything Image. Write a festive column or celebratory poem or create a cool birthday video or one-page comic story to celebrate this momentous occasion in creator-owned comics history, and this huge pile of printed swag pack just might end up being yourself. We will publish the best entries on our front page and select a winner on Monday April 30, 2012. All entries should be mailed directly to BF's Editor in Chief, Frederik Hautain:” 
The contest entries have to be received by Friday, April 27, 2012 and the prize will be sent out in the end of May.

Agent Coulson Finally Steps into the ‘Verse

My very favorite Avenger has finally made his way into the Marvel Comics Universe. Ok, so he’s not actually an Avenger, but if I have to pick a favorite character from the movies it’s definitely Agent Coulson.

In the first five issues of Battle Scars, the character “Cheese” has been the right hand man of Army Ranger Marcus Johnson. In this week’s issue #6, “Cheese’s” identity has finally been revealed to be none other than Agent Phil Coulson….and the crowd goes wild.

When Agent Coulson, played by Clark Gregg, originally appeared in the movies, fans were skeptical about this non-universe person being a major player in the films, but his super power is just simply being awesome and he has quickly gained a fan base. Battle Scars writer, Chris Yost, is keeping the movie character qualities that fans love in the comic version of our favorite S.H.I.E.L.D hero wrangler. “The future is beginning here, and Agent Coulson’s going to find himself in the middle of it. This isn’t the last you’ve seen of either man, so keep watching!”

Dark Horse Presents: Riven 

Horror fans get ready because Dark Horse Presents #14 will be introducing readers to a new tale of terror. In stores on July 18th, and written by Bo Hampton (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) and Robert Tinnell (The Wicked West), issue #14 will offer the first look at the Riven graphic novel, which is the 3rd collaboration from Hampton and Tinnell.

With the graphic novel's release date announced as August 22nd, Riven is a three-part story centered around “a gorgeous teenager with a mysterious, gruesome past, becoming aware of a growing, terrifying power inside her body, triggered by the touch of the full moon, eager to break free.”

Writer Robert Tinnell said, “Dark Horse Presents is bringing together such a great mix of talent and stories at the moment that it’s honestly an honor to be included in the book. From all the chatter Dark Horse Presents has been generating it’s clear the book is appealing to discerning, articulate readers—and those are precisely the sorts of people we hope are attracted to Riven.”

The Drama Comes to a Close 

Those following the DC vs. Chris Roberson drama on Twitter, and on almost every comic news outlet on the internet, have a treat today. Roberson has given an exit interview of sorts with The Comics Journal answering all the questions that can’t fit in the 160 character Twitter format.

In speaking about his controversial and highly publicized Twitter feeds, Roberson said, “…to be quite honest I thought that that would be read by the few thousand people who follow me on Twitter, who would then shrug and it would be no big deal. I’m not walking back from those statements in the slightest, but I was in no way prepared for the kind of response it got.”

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