Tuesday, April 24, 2012

THE COOKIE ISN'T A LIE With This Weighted Companion Cube Cookie Jar

I live in the suburbs which means that I am required to bake cookies to present at any neighborhood function like an offering to a violent god.

Unfortunately, I am a bad baker which is why I am usually left with a stack of slightly burnt chocolate chip orbs that have nowhere to live once I bring them back home.

But this Weighted Companion Cube Cookie Jar would make a wonderful place to throw my globs of half-cooked treats until the next neighborhood gab fest.

 I swear to Chewbacca, that one of these days I'm dosing my cookies with ecstasy and then filming the 'Ladies of South Mountain' reactions to hallucinogenic drugs in order to blackmail them into baking my treats for me.

Source: geeks are sexy

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