Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DAD CREATES BANANA TRUCKER HAT To Shut His Soul-Sucking Kids Up In the Morning

I'm sure that super-dad Brock Davis created this piece of comic genius for the delight of his wonderful children rather than to keep those DNA replicants quiet for two minutes while Daddy sucks down the only thing that truly makes him happy, caffeine.

And while I'm told by people that kids complete you in ways you didn't know was possible, I'm pretty sure that booze and sleeping in do the same thing so could you kindly get off my back about populating my house with little people and let me get on with disappointing my mother?


Anyway, if you want instructions on making trucker hats for bananas click HERE.

I'm sure the few minutes that you spend making these will be the happiest of your day.

Source: Super Punch

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