Wednesday, June 20, 2012

GEEKY CRAFT CORNER: How to Crochet Multi-Sided Dice For Your Special RPG'er

I once presented a RPG-obsessed boyfriend with a Royal Crown velvet booze bag filled with dice that I bought at a local gaming store as a gift and, as a thank you, I was gifted with +1 loving for several hours.

So trust me when I say that people who are into these types of games, REALLY like related gifts.

And this particular pattern for a bunch of die softies by PlanetJune is certainly going to make their day (buy the $3 expansion pack which includes the patterns for the numbers and such) in a big way.

Hell, you could even whip up a velvet bag to put them in which would almost guarantee you a great deal of ravishing by an Elf Queen or King without having to roll a thirteen (isn't that the number for great sex?).

But I warn you, once your gamer shows off their gift, the Game Master is going to compel you to make these for everyone in the group...or perish in the fires of...wherever.

Source: Craft Magazine

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