Thursday, July 5, 2012

GEEKY CRAFT CORNER: Make Your Own Geordi La Forge Visor

Hey Star Trek Nerds (and I include myself in this salutation), with the Blu-ray edition of STNG Season 1 coming out on July 24, perhaps you would like to craft a little ode to a certain blind Lieutenant Commander who saw into our hearts and fixed stuff.

I'm talking about Geordi La Forge and his super-awesome visor:

Yes, you can make yourself a nice little replica and wear it while barely being able to watch the Blu-ray through it.

It's a nice touch don't you think.

The visor was created by Thingiverse contributor Drew Smith who put up a tutorial on the site so that you can make a bunch of these to hand out at your viewing party (you are having a viewing party right?).

Now, his is actually signed by LeVar Burton himself (which you could probably accomplish as well while attending a Con) but don't worry if yours is never touched by the hand of Geordi, the fact that you made one of these yourself is wonderful enough.

Now, Engage yourself in some serious crafting and make some. 

I know I will.

Source: Geek Crafts

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