Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CROCHET YOURSELF A PAIR OF Tiger 1 Tank-Panzer Slippers...'Cause Winter be Cold

Need a project to keep you occupied this Winter while you are shut in from all the snow? Then order yourself a pattern for some heavy-duty slippers that will have the neighbors talking when you shuffle outside to retrieve the mail.

Yes, this pair of Panzer Tank slippers by etsy seller Miligurumis will probably take you until March to finish but at least you'll have tangible evidence to show people this spring that you accomplished something other than growing your fat ass.

What fun!

(note: this pattern is sold out as of today but since it's a PDF and not an actual item I'm sure Miligurumis would be happy to exchange money for a file...just like a spy.)

Source: Boing Boing

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