Thursday, September 6, 2012

I WOULD KILL MY ENTIRE FAMILY For One of Amanda Visell's Wooden Pop Culture Figures

Alright, so I won't necessarily murder my family for a one-of-a-kind wooden statue of Mario ($800) but I might maim a couple of them for the opportunity to touch it.

Although there's is a good chance that I might/probably smother my brother for a frakkingly cute Gizmo one:

I mean, how adorable are these mutha fuckers?

Seriously, If  I were presented with an abandoned child and an E.T. figure and I had to choose only one to save, I sincerely hope that baby learns the rules of the street toot-sweet 'cause ET is coming home with me.

Now, these sweet-ass statues are not cheap (they run about $800 each) but they are handmade by artist Amanda Visell who is not only wonderfully talented she also created, hands-down, the best painting of Mr. T with unicorns ever:

And yeah, I know that Gizmo and ET might be too girly for some of you people but the woman also sculpted frakking Skeletor and Voltron just to please the more dudish among you:

So why don't you go to her site Switcheroo and buy something awesome for yourself.

It's only money right?

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