Monday, September 24, 2012

OH EBAY, YOU HAVE EVERYTHING: Here's A Mummified Cat Slam Dunking a Mummified Bird...It's Just What You've Always Wanted Right?

With the holidays fast approaching it's probably wise to get a head start on your present buying so that you don't go broke in December buying everyone lotto tickets and chewing tobacco.

And I can't think of a better gift for someone who has everything than this charming ode to a serial killer's infancy; a mummified cat slam dunking a mummified bird.

Take a closer look at the detail:

Why, that's some quality psychosis right there!

It takes a rare individual to think up something this morally repugnant and carry it through to fruition AND THEN PUT IT UP ON EBAY TO SELL, so you might as well reward such a skill by purchasing it and giving it to that aunt you hate.

It's gonna be a great holiday don't ya think?

Source: Obvious Winner

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