Thursday, September 13, 2012

Smallville: Random, Awesome and WTF?! - S7E19: Quest

The mysteries of Veritas and the Traveler converge in Canada of all places as Lex comes under attack by someone intent on keeping things secret and Clark uncovers more about the prophecies.

What’s that all aboot, eh?

The Random:
1. Is it common practice to leave a patient in a hospital bed with like 100 stitches in his chest just lying there by himself with absolutely no dressings on the wounds?  I’m pretty sure it’s not.

2. All right, Jimmy, here’s a little thing about women.  You know women, right?  The hot fairer sex that is inexplicably smitten with you?  Well, when they’re all over you and smoking hotter than a summer in India, stop talking about work and pay attention.  Seriously, dude.

3. Wow, that is one impossibly ornate grandfather clock, now isn’t it, and you have to wonder how many people, including other priests and nuns, ever came into the church and wondered, “OK, I get the stained glass windows of Christ, and there’s Mary, but what the hell is up with all these alien hieroglyphics?  Did I miss a book in the Bible?”

This is totally why I stopped going to church…

The Awesome:
1. It’s such a movie cliché from the Indiana Jones flicks to The DaVinci Code, but I do so love it when there’s a secret out there that’s just so important everyone needs to go insane killing anyone in their path for the truth.

2. Guess who’s not dead after all?  Why, it’s Edward Teague and he’s more than just a little batty as he chastises Clark for not being the savior Veritas believed he would be because he wouldn’t kill Lex despite knowing how evil he is.  It really does raise a lot of moral questions, not to mention philosophical and religious ones as well.

3. Lex may be the bad guy here, but at least you can buy most of his motivation, having been pushed to the side by his father while Lionel obsessed over the Traveler all those years.  When villains are more than moustache twirling morons, the sure do get a hell of a lot more interesting.  And the fact that this whole convoluted plot is actually starting to coalesce and come full circle with the Luthor Mansion being instrumental in the saga is pointing towards a killer season finale next time out.

And just wait until you see his “discovery” scene.
The finale’s gonna be a doozy now that Lex has the key.

The WTF?!:
1. It sure is a good thing that Lex ordered a security detail to follow an old man considering security in his place is just as tight as ever as an assailant manages to sneak in, stab him, and then carve symbols into his chest.

2. All right, so why don’t these ultra secret cabals ever just keep their crap secret instead of leaving elaborate pictograms and riddles all over the world that someone will inevitably be able to figure out?  It’s like their just tempting the fates time and time again.  Give it an oral tradition at most, stop writing everything down and trying to be cute with international scavenger hunts and maybe you wouldn’t have these problems.

3. So Jimmy suddenly cracked the mystery of the Kawachi Caves after how many hours of study and work Swan, Clark, Chloe, Lex, Lionel, and 900 Native Americans did over the years?  He’s like a walking deus ex machina, this kid.

“Hey, boss, security is on the j…oh.  Damn.
My bad, man.  This one’s on me.  I get a band-aid.”

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