Thursday, September 20, 2012

Smallville: Random, Awesome and WTF?! - S8E2: Plastique

A beautiful young woman with the ability to blow stuff up something fierce makes her debut, as Clark begins his job at The Daily Planet, Chloe announces her engagement to Jimmy, and a mysterious new EMT named Davis becomes poised to be a major player.

Something’s fishy about this guy…

The Random:
1. Clark shows up to work at a major metropolitan newspaper for his first day, so he wears something classy, right?  No, he wears a flannel and jeans.  Smooth.  But at least Lois hooks him up with some clothes…and swoons.

2. We get a few new characters this episode, including Bette—who we’ll come to know as the insanely gorgeous Plastique—and Davis, the Metropolis EMT who Chloe is way too flirty with.  He’s got suave, he’s got skills, but he possesses something…dark.  Even “doomy…”

3. So, who’s funding the Isis Foundation since Lana went on walkabout?  Ah, it’s not like there were employees to pay anyway.  I’m just concerned about the electricity bills to run all those damn computers that they never turn off.

She blows stuff up…yet I’m strangely at peace with it.

The Awesome:
1. Lois and Clark working together is fantastic for their relationship, with her trying to show him the ropes while clearly beginning to pine over him and him just trying to avoid his secret being exposed—not easy when his first meeting with the boss, one Tess Mercer, is rescuing her from a bombed out bus.

2. It’s so great that Tess isn’t some meek little lamb that Lex set up as a weak successor.  No, she’s balls to the wall all the way and definitely no pushover.

3. Our last view of Davis is him shaking violently, ass naked in a Metropolis alleyway, while Plastique’s role ends with a recruitment pitch by Tess for a new team of individuals with abilities.  Two very different places, about a million different possibilities.

My first day at the White House went just like this…
only replace the hot woman with VP Cheney.

The WTF?!:
1. Ok, so a blast that looks an awful lot like scenes from the Middle East after a suicide attack and police have things blocked off about as much as they would for a cat stuck in a tree.  Clark better get it together soon, because these people really need some help.

2. Clark confronts Bette at Chloe’s place to ask her if she saw anything weird on the bus, so Chloe pulls him aside so he can explain and he does so in his usual whisper.  You know, the kind of whisper Helen Keller can hear from a block away.

3. Bette is basically released into the wild to get some help, but Chloe and Clark don’t seem too overly concerned with following up on things.  It’s like they tagged a dolphin and turned it loose.  She’ll come back eventually, right, Chloe?  Oh, sure, sure.

“You sure we should be this close, Clark?”
“Yeah, why not?  It’s only an active crime scene
after a potential terrorist attack, we’re fine.”

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