Friday, September 21, 2012

Smallville: Random, Awesome and WTF?! - S8E3: Toxic

Oliver gets poisoned and as his life hangs in the balance, we get a peek into how he became the Green Arrow and his connection to Tess Mercer.

Chloe is apparently the only female member of the current cast whose quiver he hasn’t placed his arrow in.

The Random:
1. Why, Chloe, are you insinuating that there’s something brewing between Lois and Clark?  If so, you’re right.  They’re both just too stubborn to see it.

2. Tess’s more humble beginnings make you wonder how she got to be so powerful a woman, but, alas, that tale will be told at a later date.  In the meantime, Clark, now might not be the best time to go all kirked out at Chloe for getting smarter.  Table that concern a minute, cowboy.

3. Lois mentions that she’s allergic to cats and it makes me wonder—where the hell is Shelby?  Remember the dog who only randomly appeared?  Yeah.  That one.  She’s been as absent as, well, as absent as Jimmy, who hasn’t been around to see Davis and Chloe make googly eyes at one another.

“This Greenpeace type stuff just isn’t for me.  You got any
applications for a CEO in waiting..?”

The Awesome:
1. So, let’s place the bets right now on the over/under that Lois and Tess come to blows at least twice before this season ends.  All right, it’s sucker bet because I’ve seen every episode, but still, these two have the type of animosity that is just a match away from an explosion.

2. The Green Arrow: Year One (and two) type flashbacks we get are awesome as they trace the hero’s journey and explain how he gained his proficiency with the bow and arrow…and Tess Mercer.

3. Tess shows that she’s not to be trifled with as she casually kills the tormentor from her past and just walks away.  She seems even more ruthless than Lex ever was.

The more I watch Justin in this role, the more disappointed I am
that the upcoming Arrow is completely disassociated from this.

The WTF?!:
1. Chloe calls Davis to help Ollie, but isn’t he an on call EMT for everybody?  What did she call 911 and say, “No, no.  Don’t dispatch someone.  Dispatch David Bloom.  He’s not available?  All right, screw it, I’ll call back.”

2. Now, granted, Ollie has been treated kind of like Batman over the years as the man who always has a plan but at some point, even Chloe has to wonder how wise it is to keep him laying on her couch hooked up to a heart monitor instead of doing, I don’t know, anything.

3. It’s interesting how Clark shows up with a magic antidote that shouldn’t theoretically exist and Davis and Lois both just roll with it as if he showed up with a bottle of aspirin.  I suppose that’s just par for course, as Clark then decides the best way to covertly save Tess is by using his heat vision to knock a power line loose which just as easily could have killed her.

“All right, you just keep an eye on him since you have absolutely zero
medical training and he’s dying of a mystery disease.  It’s for the best.”

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