Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Our friends over at SuperHeroStuff are holding their annual Costume Contest
Entering the contest is easy, all you have to do is head on over to the SuperHeroStuff Facebook page, like them and post your picture to our wall. They will be accepting entries through October 29th.

This year they've revised the rules (previously they've had professional cosplayers enter and compete alongside kids and people), and as a result there are going to be three divisions:
  • - Professional (seasoned cosplayers)
  • - Amateur
  • - Kids
The winners in each division will each get a $50 shopping spree on their site and all winners will get featured on their Facebook page.  For more details and rues, visit their official Costume Contest page.

And don't forget, Forces of Geek is currently offering a coupon code through October 31st valid for 12% off anything on the SuperHeroStuff site.  Just enter the code "FOG12" at checkout.

After the jump check out my five favorite items currently available that might make your costume stand out.

 Superman Costume with Muscles and Cape T-Shirt
Put this on under a suit, open the shirt a bit, throw on a pair of glasses and you're Clark Kent.  It's that simple.  Unless of course, you've got guts and throw on a pair of tights with red underpants on top.

Wolverine Men's Classic Costume Hoodie

Growing up in New England used to mean a very cold October 31st which usually resulted in the dreaded winter jacket over the costume debacle.  But, debacle no more when you can wear this slightly modified (long sleeves) Wolverine hoodie complete with mask, that will not only have the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants running in the other direction, but also keep you snuggled up during a particularly chilly evening.

Chewbacca Costume Hoodie

Pure awesomeness.

Star Wars Jedi Terry Cloth Hooded Robe

Step 1: Throw this on, grab a flashlight and attach it to a belt.
Step 2: Walk around the neighorhood moving your hand mysteriously.
Step 3: Either be the hit of the party or live forever as the "guy who wore his robe and a flashlight to a party."

Just over a year ago, DC Comics finally took Wonder Woman out of her shorts and put her into long pants, which resulted in an outcry from fans and a relatively quick return to her original costume.  But to be honest, most women aren't particularly comfortable dressing as Wonder Woman in public, which makes this a perfect costume.  Tuck this shirt into a pair of navy leggings, throw on a pair of bracelets, grab a golden lasso and save the world!  Plus, no leering!

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