Monday, October 22, 2012

UP YOUR STAR WARS NERD CRED With These Awesome At-At Bookends...Reading Sci-Fi Has Never Been More Dorky

 I have about a dozen bookcases throughout my abode that each house a specific collection of books (graphic novels, humor, porn, etc) because I like making it difficult for people to find reading material.

But I might be willing to completely restructure my library to include awesome bookends like this At-At which will make my series of Star Wars novels finally worth showing off.

Now, at $225, this limited edition and numbered collector's item is on my "Can I afford to buy this?" list, and to validate a purchase of this magnitude I would have to think very carefully about which Star Wars novels are worthy of being smooshed together. But thankfully, Barnes and Nobel have released a lovely leather-bound edition of the original trilogy novelizations so yes, it is worth eating ramen for a month for.

Finally, the poor house in which I dwell is gonna get a bit more nerdier.

Source: Geek Alerts

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