Thursday, November 15, 2012

Smallville: Random, Awesome and WTF?! - S9E4: Echo

Clark gains telepathy after absorbing the explosion from a bomb, which means he’s privy to all of the dirty things Lois thinks about, and the Toymaker makes his return with his sights set once again on getting revenge on Ollie.

Anyone ever notice that bombs do really weird stuff in this show?

The Random:
1. Oh my, Lois’ head is chock full of impure thoughts and insane ramblings about donuts and underwear.  I’m totally not making that up.

2. Ollie sure knows how to have a good time by getting hammered and getting in bar fights, but Tess is really making up for her ugly turn in the last episode by dressing like Mila Jovavich from Resident Evil in bailing him out of danger.  Mas tequila indeed.

3. Toyman is a little less creepy this time around, but way crazier, like a mix between Jorge Garcia from Lost and Seinfeld’s Newman.  Good thing for him that Tess wants to employ him so she can figure out how Metallo’s heart works…after shooting him in the knee, that is.

Oh yeah.  She went from zombie to looking like she’s
going to kill zombies.  I approve.

The Awesome:
1. Ok, it’s a pretty wonky explanation for why Clark has telepathy, but at least Jor El gives it more than just a side effect of a bomb—it was an error in judgment that triggered it so that he can gain a better understanding of humanity as one of his trials.

2. Clark, you slick dog, using your telepathy not only to gather witness information from the crime but also to score a date with Lois.  It’s about damn time you gained a new ability and didn’t just cry about it.  Good on you, old boy.

3. Ollie’s descent into despair is finally realized by Clark and you really feel like Ollie is just about bottomed out, to the point where he has no fear of dying and in fact embraces it.  It’s a dark turn for him, and it’s been building for a while and we’re really starting to see the payoff behind his character arc.

“So far, I’ve gathered you like maple donuts and monster truck rallies.
Is that enough for you to sleep with me?”

The WTF?!:
1. Once again, Clark seems to forget that he’s beyond freakishly strong and full on backhands who he believes to be the mastermind of a hostage situation clear across a room.

2. Oh Chloe, get off it.  After forty years of crying at him to get over Lana and then suggesting maybe he and Lois have a little something, you’re seriously giving him grief because he was able to use his newfound telepathy to find out Lois’ ideal dating venue?  C’mon.  Go back to crying over Jimmy, the husband you refused to trust while you ran around with a serial killer.

3. When the CEO of a company is at an event to deliver a speech and he goes from calm and collected to rambling about silver spoons, gangs, and murdering people, you’d think the gathered crowd would start to get a bit nervous, maybe even embarrassed or uncomfortable.  But, no, not here.  Here they just stand around with no reaction, not thinking that maybe, just maybe, this whole thing is going off the rails in a hurry.

“So, uh, Ollie, that speech you gave..?  Everything’s cool, right?
Because that whole bit about wanting to die was a bit ambiguous.”

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