Monday, November 19, 2012

Smallville: Random, Awesome and WTF?! - S9E6: Crossfire

What happens when Lois and Clark get a gig hosting Good Morning Metropolis?  Whackiness, that’s what.  But while they’re doing that, Oliver is reaching out to save a girl on the streets named Mia Drearden (who we know in the comics as Speedy) and Tess and Zod have another meeting of the minds.

Meanwhile, Chloe tries to get Stuart Campbell to her side.  Too bad he’s already on Tess’…

The Random:
1. Oh, online dating.  How I remember your cold and unforgiving confines back in my single days.  eHarmony my ass.  It was more like eChaos and eDesperation.

2. In the comics, Mia was a barely teen prostitute with HIV.  Here, she’s older and participating in illegal fight clubs.  And still a prostitute.  Guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

3. Ollie saving Mia from the streets is great, it’s just too bad they never really do anything with it from here.  Also amusing is that they show a picture of Cat Grant of comic book fame, but it’s very much a different actress that will actually play the character in Season Ten.

Hooker or not, she’s darn smokin’.

The Awesome:
1. Watching Lois and Clark co-host a morning show, and all the awkwardness it entails, is a good bit of comedy to break up the darkness the show has been embedded in the past several episodes, and it only gets better once they have to go on blind dates and assist one another for the show.  Then, of course, there’s the kiss seen ‘round the world.

2. The chess match between Tess and Zod is brilliant as he unwittingly swoops in to steal her thunder in proposing a tower to harness the power of the sun and proclaims himself the CEO of R.A.O.—that’s a reference to Rao, the main Kryptonian god, for you non comic fans—and she kills his errand boy.  Of course, we’re also treated to another match up of a different kind between Chloe and Tess’ cyberboy, Stuart, also well played.

3. Clark has had to save a number of people with guns over the years, but this one with Ollie might top them all as he stands in front of a machinegun while using his heat vision to melt it and then reaches back calmly and grabs one bullet that got past him a mere inch from Ollie’s face.

I’d watch them over those bumbling drunks on NBC.

The WTF?!:
1. Stuart is a brilliant hacker, sure, and it’s understandable that Tess wants him around…but does she really have to let him in on pretty much everything?  Is that wise, to allow what’s essentially the help to know secrets about Kandorians and all that stuff?  I don’t think so, sister.

2. Well, come on, Ollie, what did you expect Lois to think?  You’re standing around shirtless and a hot girl emerges from the shower in a towel asking to be paid in small bills.  What do you think that looks like?

3. Ollie and Mia both have to know that Mia’s pimp isn’t exactly going to just let her go after paying a little debt, so they really shouldn’t be surprised when said pimp tries to kill them both and you have to wonder how heroic Ollie is feeling when he grabs Lois and runs…but leaves an unconscious Mia in the gutter with their attackers.

“But you promised!  If I can’t trust my pimp, who CAN I trust?”

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