Friday, November 16, 2012

WTF FRIDAY (THE RELIGION EDITION): How To Throw A Non-Boobalicious Adult Baptism Party...Yeah, It's Now A Thing

 I'm not a religious person. In fact, if you were to ask me what my belief system was based on I would probably answer "Candy" so if I'm about to offend someone who is really into God, I apologize, I really do...but seriously, WTF?

Are adult baptism parties really happening now? And do you need the advice of an event planner on how to throw off a happening soiree in which you get dunked in some water?

I thought the whole getting dunked thing WAS the party...I mean, I guess there should be some kind of cake and punch available for those who attend your dunking so they can occupy themselves while you are wearing a nightgown and busy being religious, but I didn't think it was a catered affair complete with a wedding cake.

And what's with the doves? You have to release some sort of bird after you're baptized? I thought it was sins you you keep the sins but the birds are now free to be one with the Lord?

And why is the event planner calling herself the God Mother? When you hire a planner to run your adult baptism are they then part of your religious life? Is she required by the covenant of the water to ply you with birthday and holiday gifts afterward? If that's the case, why would someone even want to BE an Adult Baptism party planner in the first place.

I'm just confused.

And you know what, Leslie from Big Rich Texas (whatever the fuck that means) isn't helping.

Although, I wonder if she would be available to whip up a "Holiday" party for me and my Pastafarian friends this year...we like cake.

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