Tuesday, December 11, 2012


 If you or someone you know is a huge Arrested Development fan (and who also happens to suffer from the nostalgic pangs for the NES) then well, someone is in for a real treat, because the folks from 72Pins have designed an ode to both that should make your/their ass crack sweat in delight.

This set of recycled NES cartridges are slapped with game stickers for various in-jokes from the show which have resulted in 8-bit legends like: Mr Bananagrabber, Stair Kart, D℞. F√ľnke's, I'm A Monster!, Chicken Dance Revolution and STEVE HOLT!


And although the games themselves sadly don't exist, the innards of these NES cartridges-turned-canvases do have a mystery game that works, so you can pop in Chicken Dance Revolution and quite possibly end up playing Zelda (a win-win situation if you ask me).

The complete set of cartridges will run you about $72 (or you can pick-n-choose the ones you want for $15 each).

Source: I watch Stuff

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