Thursday, December 6, 2012

Smallville: Random, Awesome and WTF?! - S9E10: Disciple

Ollie may have first learned how to use a bow on a deserted island, but he didn’t learn everything on his own and like any good teacher, his old mentor is back to test him once more…by trying to destroy everyone closest to him. 

I had some teachers like that in high school…

And while that learning experience is going on, Clark forms an uneasy alliance with Zod.  Because that’s a fantastic idea.

The Random:
1. At some point, Clark’s going to have to stop leaving Lois alone because she just can’t stay out of trouble for like five minutes.  She’s like a toddler that way.  At least Zod pays her a visit in the hospital and brings flowers.  That’s just classy.

2. Well, Mia’s back and still cute as a button, and apparently still training with Ollie.  Of course Vordigan the Dark Archer is going to have a problem with that.

3. Do you think Ollie and Vordigan go to the same tailor?  Because they’ve got the same “unique” outfits just in different colors, so it’s either that or they give them out in secret archer assassin school and Ollie got stuck with green and said, “Screw it, I’ll be Green Arrow.”  But, man, it’s gotta suck for the dude who drew pink.

“Seriously, dude, take it off!  I was wearing it first, the least
you could’ve done was coordinate so we could avoid this faux pas.”

The Awesome:
1. You know the alliance is tenuous at best, but it’s pretty boss seeing Zod just chilling in Clark’s kitchen talking about apples, Greek mythology and Kandorian history like old friends.  This relationship is as doomed as a Kardashian marriage, but for now let’s just enjoy it.

2. Vordigan is no joke, pulling off arrow shots most people can’t even begin to attempt, and even hacking into Watchtower just to send a message.  Plus the Black Arrow look he’s got going on seems a lot more suited for blending into the shadows than Ollie’s getup.

3. Whoa, Clark’s not playing around, straight up telling Zod that if he goes near Lois again he’ll destroy every Kandorian, but he’d better check himself because Zod’s plans for the tower are moving at full speed and he’ll call his bluff the second he gets because that’s what Zod does.  Now, kneel!

“Clark, you know what we should totally do?
Two words: slumber party!”

The WTF?!:

1. Hey, Lois, you know what’s a great plan?  Seeing someone drawing an arrow on you and then not getting behind cover but choosing instead to just run wild in an open street, that’s what.  But, hey, at least no one saw anything since Metropolis is only a huge city with a population in the millions.

2. OK, Ollie wants to protect Mia, that makes sense.  But kicking her back out on the streets because you fear Vordigan may go after her to get to you?  How exactly is that a good idea again?  Oh that’s right.  It’s not.

3. Ever notice how many bad guys think the best way to get a hero to fulfill his destiny is to make him kill someone?  Projecting much?  I mean, seriously, it’s like they sit around going, “You know what will really make this guy heroic, I mean truly heroic?  Killing someone.  That’s gold.”

This is what happens when you’re stupid, Lois…

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