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ARCHER: "The Wind Cries Mary" S4E2 (review)

By Ryan McLelland
WARNING: I'm going to tell you everything that happened in the episode. If you don't want to know then stop reading. OR ELSE!  And I'm going to use everyday Archer speak which means I assume you've seen the show. If you haven't seen the show stop reading spoilers on the current episode and go buy the first season on DVD. Or Blu-Ray. Or download it on iTunes. Netflix. You get the point.

It's peer review time at ISIS which makes everyone miserable except for Pam (Amber Nash). Pam runs the human resources department at an agency that doesn't give a crap about human resources, so she is loving that it is finally review time. As Malory (Jessica Walter) finishes her briefing, which also included ants taking over the break room and Dr. Krieger (Lucky Yates) trying to develop super-ant strength to combat them, she ends with one name: Lucas Troy.


Troy was an ISIS recruit who trained alongside Archer (H. Jon Benjamin). Right on graduation day Troy quit to become an agent for rival spy agency ODIN. Of course this pissed everyone off to no end except for Archer - who knows Troy as a kickass agent, amazing drinker, phenomenal ladies man, and all-around awesome wingman. Troy is Archer's best (and only) friend so the news that he killed a whole slew of bad guys AND his own ODIN agents in a double cross, stole some uranium & ten million dollars, and escaped in a jet that crashed in Vermont. The ISIS crew think it funny that Archer and Troy were just…kinda gay with each other. Archer shrugs it all off. Not only can Troy not be gay because he's an awesome kickass secret agent that is also Archer's best friend, but he HAD to fake his death to expose the ODIN mole.

At the ISIS armory Lana Kane discovers that Archer has draws a slew of guns and survival rations. She puts together that Lucas Troy survived his plane crash and Archer was going to rendezvous with him. Lana's suspicions are correct as Archer is already on the way to Vermont to find out why Lucas is on the run. With Archer already a few hours ahead, Lana grabs Cyril and heads to off to get Archer back, take down Troy, and save the day.

When Archer and Troy regroup the audience might be super stoked to find out that he is voiced by the one and only Timothy Olyphant from Justified fame! Personally I choose to remember him from kickass movies like  Go, Elektra Luxx, or personal favorite The Girl Next Door. Always know if the juice is worth the squeeze! Archer has brought enough firepower to wipeout a small army and wants to know the plan. Troy shows him a massively rundown house and tells Archer it would make an incredible………..wait for it……..bed and breakfast!!!

Drinking wine inside the house near the fireplace, Troy tells Archer that he actually did become a turncoat to grab the money and get away from it all. While not being gay, Troy tells Archer that he's not gay…for other men. But he loves Archer and wants to open this bed and breakfast with him. Troy's plan of bed and breakfast awesomeness is interrupted by an alarm going off. The monitors show Lana (Aisha Tyler), dressed in white, and Cyril (Chris Parnell), garbed in orange, and walking the snowy grounds looking for Archer. A drugged Archer goes to sleep while Troy loads his hunting rifle to take out the ISIS duo.


Archer comes out of the drug pretty quickly (thanks to his alcoholism! SCORE!) and tracks Troy tracking Lana. Before Archer finds everyone, Lana is able to take out Troy by a random tree! Archer arrives to find a quickly dying Troy who admits to Archer that he once, after a mission and post mission drinking, made sweet, sweet love to a unconscious Archer. Love indeed!

ISIS has a new member of the staff in Rodney the new Armory supervisor. After a bunch of ISIS guns keep going missing, Malory hired Rodney to watch over all of the ISIS weapons, much to the chagrin of the non pencil pushing spy staff.

At the ISIS graduation party flashback we see on the end of the table one Mr. Krenshaw (Shelly Desai) - who turned out to be the mole in the very first episode of Archer. As this is a flashback it is nice to see a nice nod like Krenshaw popping up into the series once again.

Also in the episodes we have small nods to earlier episodes including young Archer at boarding school sitting alone with his lacrosse stick, "just the tip", and Truckasaurus.

The episode features several scenes involving radiated ants. Any fan of Adam Reed's last show Frisky Dingo knows that reporter Grace Ryan was also the villain Antagone who gains superhuman ant strength (much like Krieger was trying to accomplish) by radioactive ants that take over her brain.



"I think I just want to take a few months and just gain the weight. What else do I have to do?" said Amber Nash, voice of ISIS's Pam Poovey, in an interview I had at Archer Live about a live action Archer film. I interviewed Adam Reed, Archer's creator, writer, and executive producer on my radio show R2HT on the subject and he also spilled the beans on what and who he'd like to see in a live action Archer film! Go to or click here to listen to Adam's entire interview where he spill the beans on what is really going on this season. LISTEN IF YOU DARE!

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