Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Conspiracy, Paranoia, Rant, CNN
By Tea Krulos

ATTN: Hollywood
Re: Sitcom idea: “GUN NUTZ” (alternate title: “BUDS”), PATENT PENDING
Proposal by Tea Krulos

After seeing the recent exchange between British journalist/ CNN host Piers Morgan and Texas conspiracy theorist/ radio show host Alex Jones, one word came to mind: sitcom.

Think the Odd Couple or Perfect Strangers, but with more firepower. After a series of wacky events (the interns can flesh this out) Piers Morgan finds himself with no choice but to be roommates with Alex Jones, who is still trying to deport him via petition  over his stance over gun control. It’s an arms race- to your funny bone!

Episode ideas:

  • Morgan invites the Duchess of York over for tea, but to his embarrassment, finds that Jones has stashed a 9 millimeter glock in his teapot.
  • Morgan gets a package from his sponsor- a new, experimental Prozac- which he and Jones consume by mistake. Soon they begin hallucinating that the men in black (played by Christopher Walken and Paul Giamatti) are trailing them.
  • Jones’s  petition to deport Morgan is effective, but in a hilarious twist Jones is mistakenly sent to Britain instead, where he is deluged with polite criticism. Morgan, meanwhile, struggles to make up conspiracy theories while filling in on the Alex Jones Show.
  • Jones challenges Morgan to a boxing match, stating that he will wear red, white, and blue shorts while Morgan will wear “jolly rodger” shorts. Jones attempts a British accent to bait Morgan into the idea.
  • Morgan decides to have “a bit of a lark” with “old Jonesy” by having him and his mates sneak into Jones’s room at night dressed as Revolutionary War style British solidiers. To their surprise, Jones pulls a bazooka out from underneath his pillow and shoots them.
  • Series finale: Jones rants and raves while Morgan tries to interject more than two words for 14 minutes straight.
I will sell the rights to this sitcom (and any spin offs) to any agency of the New World Order for 5 million dollars.  Look at their chemistry, they're naturals!

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