Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BEING HUMAN: "(Dead) Girls Just Want To Have Fun" S3/E2 (review)

By Julie Browning
This was a more subdued episode than the season opener, much of it focusing on the changes the characters now face with their new reality.

Josh (Sam Huntington) is now human, but his girlfriend remains a werewolf. Will he pop the question? Aidan (Sam Witwer) has come back to a world almost vampire-free, with gangs of werewolves roaming the streets and every meal is iffy.

Sally (Meaghan Rath) can now live as a vibrant young woman, but has been warned to have no contact with people who knew her before she died. She brought her pals Stevie (Robert Naylor) and Nick (Pat Kiely) with her, so their bodies also had to be dug up and reanimated so Sally didn't have to share hers.

Syfy, Being Human

At the start of this episode, we see that Sally is feeling like her old self again and Aidan has found a a cooler in the wrecked van containing just enough blood to get him upright. Josh is guilt ridden and brooding as usual.

Syfy, Being Human

When Aidan finds out that his pals have been messing with witchcraft in his absence, he gives them dire warnings about the consequences. Bummer he wasn't around to warn them before all of this went down, but what fun would that have been? Aidan can really be a buzzkill.

What about Donna (Amy Aquino), the witch? She took Ray's leftover blood and entrails and poured them on the ground in the first episode. The goo wandered right back to Ray's grave. Will he be joining the party again soon? We still don't know. Another reason to keep watching.

Another new stranger enters the arena this week. Liam (Xander Berkeley), the father of the full blooded werewolf twins, Connor and Brynn. He's come to the Amish Vampire Paradise looking for his kids and is none too happy when he sees the head of Conor crudely nailed to the wall as a trophy. After quickly dispatching the clan, he heads to Boston in search of Nora (Kristen Hager), the last known link with the missing Brynn.

Being Human, Syfy

After a year of fasting, Aidan, practically starving, goes searching for blood. He tries to get safe blood off the black market and ends up in some trouble, only to be rescued by none other than his progeny, Henry (Kyle Schmid). Henry keeps returning like a bad penny. And Aidan, like a doting father, always fails to give up on him. Come on, man, Henry is a Bad Seed. Cut him loose!

Syfy, Being Human

Sally, reanimated and ready to party, isn't in search of brains. A few pomegranate martinis, some seafood and a man are all she wants. She runs into an old pal, Trent, and takes him home for a romp. He starts to feel sick and the next morning is wearing a sporty new body bag. See Sally? Stay away from people you used to know, because they end up dead. Or do they?

All this happens under a full moon, so Nora is missing all the fun. She's about to lock herself in her storage shed when she is approached by Brynn's dad. After a tense verbal confrontation, Dad locks them in the garage together. May the best werewolf win?

So what's Josh doing while Nora is engaged in a battle royale? He's playing wing man for Sally and then wandering the streets, enjoying the full moon for the first time in years. He smirks at teens howling at the moon. (They're so cute at that age). Nora has convinced him that he doesn't need to babysit her anymore while she's locked up. Boy did she pick a bad time to tell him that!

When he goes to let her out in the morning, all we see is a trail of blood leading away from the remnants of the locker door. We can only hope that Nora got the best of dear old Dad, but all we know for sure that Josh's guilt tank is now topped off and he should be able to run on it all season.

Being Human, Syfy

There were a few new twists tossed in last night on top of the ones we got last week, so at this point there are more questions than answers. That will hopefully be a good thing. It should give our favorite roommates a heap of obstacles and plot lines to weave through. With the aid of the brilliant writers, watching them navigate this strange new world should be a lot of fun.

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