Thursday, January 3, 2013

CATZILLA: An Animation That Combines FPS and Your Cat's Ultimate Hatred of You and Your Stuff

Understand this: if cats ever possessed the power to shoot lasers from their eye-sockets and grow to be a thousand feet tall, the human race would be in a lot of trouble.

 How do I know this? Just the other day my cat ate and then proceeded to throw up an entire comic book ON MY COUCH without so much as glance my way. So yes, I know she is capable of killing me if she gets any supernatural power at all.

 And this stunningly beautiful short animated film, Catzilla, showcases our feline friends in all of their bastard glory. It is even shot like a FPS game so that you get to truly feel what it would be like to be BURNED BY YOUR CAT'S EYE FIRE.

 Spectacular, yes. Horrifying in it's prediction of the cat apocalypse? Absolutely.

CATZILLA from Platige Image on Vimeo.

Source: Neatorama

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