Monday, January 21, 2013


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Okay, so I know that there's a lot of people out there who enjoy the thrill of sitting in the stands and watching cars go around a track at top speeds (why, I don't know but everyone is entitled to at least one stupid thing) and I get that there is probably a few drivers on the NASCAR circuit who warrant some time in the spank bank, but AN ENTIRE LINE OF SERIES ROMANCE BOOKS DEDICATED TO IT?


Are the women fans of NASCAR really that hard up for a fantasy life that includes tales of an "Engine Whisperer" who has the hots for a sexy accountant?

Harlequin Romance NASCAR

When a family crisis brings Evie Winters home to North Carolina, she isn't prepared for her powerful reaction to Jared Hunt. Her old friend—and girlhood crush—is even more irresistible than ever. But Evie knows not to mix business with pleasure, especially if it sets her up for heartbreak again. 

Called the "engine whisperer," Jared is hailed as a genius in the racing world. And Evie's cost-cutting measures could cost the NASCAR troubleshooter his job. But there's more at stake than the bottom line—there are Jared's growing feelings for the classy accountant. Then, when a link between two high-profile investigations implicates both their families, he's got to find a way to fix things. Or lose his chance for a future with Evie…[From the Back of the Book]

Or a race car driver whose accident brings to light a dark secret that could destroy his career AND his relationship with a sexy female doctor?

When an accident lands Trey Sanford in the care of Dr. Nicole Foster, everything he's worked for is suddenly at risk. The injured racing star will do whatever it takes to protect his family legacy—and his own carefully guarded secret—even if it threatens his budding relationship with the vivacious doctor. 

Looking out for her kid brother is Nicole's number one priority. Trey could help him by going public with his medical condition. She knows it's a tough choice, especially with the NASCAR competition heating up…and things heating up between them. Unless she can convince this man who's already a hero to her brother that he's also a champion in her eyes….[From the Back of the Book]

All that I'm getting from these descriptions is that NASCAR licensed their name for a story that was essentially a MadLib where the writer merely inserted words associated with racing and walked away with a paycheck (not a bad racket if I say so myself).

Perhaps is merely professional jealousy that a book containing NASCAR-inspired romance tales would anger me so, especially when there are other romantic genres that seem just as ridiculous, like Amish women giving birth out of wedlock:

Amish, Love Inspired,

or marrying a Centaur King:

Centaur, Mythical Animals, Romance

But no it's the NASCAR genre that offends me the most.

I mean why would anyone get fixated on a such an insipid....

Oh, I get it now....never mind.

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