Thursday, January 24, 2013

Smallville: Random, Awesome and WTF?! - S10E7: Ambush

Thanksgiving means fun on the Kent Farm as General Lane (Michael Ironside) comes to visit and, surprising absolutely no one, he and Clark don’t exactly see eye to eye on superheroes. That’s going to make things a bit difficult at these family gatherings.

And I thought being a Yankee fan while my ex’s dad was an Indians fan was rough…

The Random:
1. Looks like Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling) have a little post-sex afterglow, and Lois ain’t done yet.  Clark, seriously, how much better is this than Lana?  Still, you have to love that feeling of awkwardness when Lois pulls Clark outside to have sex on the porch swing and General Lane and Lucy (Peyton List) are standing there waiting.

2. Wow, is Lucy really hitting on Clark?  Dude, you play this right and you you’ve got yourself a dream holiday.  Too bad Lucy’s become such a megabitch since the last time we saw her.

3. Ollie (Justin Hartley) is at least trying to warm up to Tess (Cassidy Freeman) and for her part, she’s doing her best to earn everyone’s trust.

Smallville, Superman, Tom Welling, DC Comics
“Stand down, son.  I said, ‘Stand down!’  Look at your pants, stand down, damn it!”

The Awesome:
1. He’s misguided in his superhero view, but General Lane is just a fantastic character, the quintessential hardass military dad that my wife and daughter are expecting me to turn into.  Clark has a pair of balls on him, though, for standing up for “vigilantes.”  Still, it’s fun watching Clark take his frustrations out on helpless piles of wood.

2. Look at Tess go.  She’s stepping up as Chloe’s replacement, finally mentions the name of Rick Flagg as the leader of Suicide Squad that’s been fighting Ollie, and uncovers the tag the Squad left under Ollie’s skin.  Someone sure is proving her worth around here.

3. Rick Flagg and his Suicide Squad continue to walk the line between good and evil as he’ll go as far as attempt to assassinate a four star general but all in the same of sticking up for the heroes and against the government’s attempt at registration.  Totally badass.

Smallville, Superman, Tom Welling, DC Comics
This is totally me when my daughter hits dating age.  Count on it.

The WTF?!:
1. Um, Lois, you think maybe you could have mentioned before now that your dad hates superheroes, especially since you’re dating pretty much the biggest one of all.  Least you can do is stand up for your hero, Lois, come on!

2. Clark does have a point about Lois not pushing the General back on the Vigilante Registration Act.  I know he’s your dad and all, but sack up and don’t let anyone force you to compromise your values, especially if you’re going to bill yourself as someone who stands up for beliefs.  Own it, Lois.  At least she halfway redeems herself by the end.  And, to his credit, so does General Lane.

3. They sure are lucky that no one was anywhere near the Talon when a frikkin’ missile hit it.  I mean, really, at what point do these people think these are good ideas that they’re having?

Smallville, Superman, Tom Welling, DC Comics
The insurance on the Talon must be through the roof.  Like this missile.

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