Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Smallville: Random, Awesome and WTF?! - S10E9: Patriot

Ollie decides he’ll go ahead and register with the Vigilante Registration Act to show he has nothing to hide.  That goes about as well as anyone with half a brain would expect, which is to say not at all.  Luckily Aquaman (Alan Ritchson) and Mera (Elena Satine) are on the case.

And look at who’s behind Ollie (Justin Hartley)’s incarceration…Slade Wilson (Michael Hogan) .  Oh, yes.  Deathstroke is in the house.

The Random:
1. Aquaman and Mera blow up an enemy facility and then hook up on the beach as it explodes.  If I had a nickel for every time my wife and I have done that.  But, damn, they’re a good looking couple.

2. Clark (Tom Welling) and Ollie really get to the heart of the conflict over the Vigilante Registration Act, both making arguments for why they should or shouldn’t be involved, even as they both know it’s likely something shadier than they’ve been saying.

3. Given all the stupid people we’ve seen during the series, it’s clear that there’s too much funding going to the military for secret underwater bases and not enough for basic education. 

Smallville, Erica Durance, Tom Welling, Superman
This totally happened on like our third date.

The Awesome:
1. Mera is definitely a very welcome addition to the crew, giving Aquaman even more reason to be a cocky bastard and showing that she’s got the same power set and is not to be messed with by tossing Clark aside with a little aquatic control and smoldering looks.  But Clark needs to rein them in before their acts of defiance do more harm than good.

2. He’s quite a departure from his comic book counterpart, but Slade Wilson is fantastically dark and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to uphold the VRA, and that means taking anyone who opposes off the grid and building secret detention facilities for any hero unlucky enough to get caught, or na├»ve enough to register.

3. Slade’s prison system is amazing, and looks like something Batman would have prepared per his protocols against the Justice League   He’s got something to stop pretty much everyone and what’s more, he’s not just acting on a false sense of patriotic duty—he’s been touched by the hands of Darkseid.  It’s getting real.  Clark, it’s time to let the rest of team know what’s up.

Smallville, Erica Durance, Tom Welling, Superman
Some free medical advice: get this checked out.  It’s totally not supposed to be there.

The WTF?!:
1. Ollie knows he’s walking into the lion’s den, but even then he can’t possibly think registering and just spying on the military to uncover their real agenda is going to be so easy.

2. Clark, you totally had to know Lois (Erica Durance) wasn’t going to react well to finding out that everyone and their mother was the last to know about your current plans, including Tess.  Dude, that’s just common sense.

3. Slade gets caught in a major explosion like a mile under the water and the only injury he has to show for it?  A metal eyepatch.  That seems a little…I don’t even know.  Darkseid’s insurance plan is killer, I’ll give him that.

Smallville, Erica Durance, Tom Welling, Superman
“Uh, General Wilson?  This totally isn’t what I signed up for…is it?”

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