Thursday, January 3, 2013

Smallville: Random, Awesome and WTF?! - S9E19: Sacrifice

You know how Chloe and Tess haven’t exactly been the best of buds lately, on account of Tess betraying them every five minutes? 

Well, they’re going to have to get past all that when Checkmate’s attempted infiltration of Chloe’s computers causes Watchtower to go into lockdown mode, trapping them inside.

Without air. 

Because making it airtight with no real override in the event of something like this was an awesome idea…

The Random:
1. Where exactly does Chloe’s money come from?  Because she’s constantly in Watchtower and even with Ollie’s help, it can’t possibly be cheap to keep up and running and she clearly doesn’t have a day job.  Just curious.

2. Maybe it’s just the lack of oxygen, but Chloe and Tess almost seem to be having non violent girl talk.  Good for them.

3. Faora’s been knocked up by Zod and she’s giving Clark some pointers on Zod’s quest for the Book of Rao.  Countdown to her getting dead commencing…

Yep.  That didn’t take long, now did it?

The Awesome:
1. Wow, Tess is just figuring out everyone’s secret this season, isn’t she?  Ollie, Clark, Zod, Chloe, maybe Santa Claus.  Screw Batman, she's the world’s greatest detective.

2. Tess and Chloe have been through a lot together, but they say you really don’t know someone until you’ve tried to cut a semi-autonomous tracking device out of them, and then temporarily kill them to finish the job before resuscitating them.  It’s true.  And kind of hot.

3. Amanda Waller is seriously not a woman you want to mess with, and she’s got no qualms with preemptively taking out an entire race to uphold her plans (or killing any agents who disobey her orders, for that matter).  Unfortunately, she ain’t exactly fireproof…and now Clark has to deal with Zod’s war on Checkmate and his people ready to destroy the Earth.  Oh boy.

Ok.  Good start.  Keep going…keeeeep going…

The WTF?!:
1. All right, Clark really needs to stop this whole seeing the good in everyone thing he’s been dealing with because some people are just plain asshats.  I know you want to be bros and all, but it’s time to kick Zod to the curb once and for all.

2. Chloe acknowledges that when she created her defenses, she did it with the intention she’d be on the outside.  Really?  She never once considered that maybe she’d be in there during some sort of hostage situation or something?  That’s some good planning there, Sullivan.

3. Honestly, after everything Ollie has seen Clark do, did he really think a tiny little Kryptonite flachette in Zod’s leg was going to be enough to keep him down?  Ollie, for shame, man.  For shame.

See?  This is the price of stupid.


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