Friday, January 4, 2013

Smallville: Random, Awesome and WTF?! - S9E20: Hostage

Mama Kent returns and guess who she’s bringing to dinner? 

Why, it’s her new beau, none other than the wonderful and formerly drunk as a skunk Perry “Don’t Call Me Chief” White. 

How’s that for a surprise, Clark?

And that’s not the only secret she’s got to reveal…

The Random:
1. Clark’s search for the Book of the Rao is handled smoothly—with him punching holes indiscriminately in various walls in his house.  He’s like Charlie Sheen in a hotel suite.

2. A sober Perry is a good development for his character and seeing how he interacts with Clark after their last encounter is enjoyable to watch.  But Clark has to be freaked out about him asking permission for his mom’s hand in marriage.

3. A massive neon sign falls and almost crushes a crowd of people while two people nearly fall to their deaths and the crowd still stands there cheering when it all works out.  Talk about jaded, huh?

“So, wait.  When you say you’re ‘tapping’ my mom, you mean
for like a source for a story, right..?”
“Uh, Clark.  Not exac…ok, let me explain this to you again.”

The Awesome:
1. It’s always good to see Mama Kent and Perry White, and you have to appreciate the awkwardness of his reunion with Clark being half a second after he was saying suggestive about removing clothing…from his mother.  That’s just a good time in my book.

2. We really missed the heart to heart talks between Mama Kent and Clark, and seeing the competitive ambitiousness of Perry and Lois in action trying to chase down a story on the Kandorians makes for a great all around character piece.

3. The Red Queen stands revealed.  Is she Tess?  God forbid, Lana?  No, no, none of that malarkey.  She’s none other than Mama Kent, who has decided to use her own connections to make sure Clark and the rest of the heroes stay safe by grabbing the Book of Rao and who just officially became Mother of the Century, even if she did decide to use Kryptonite on her own son to get him to back off.  Way to go, Mama Kent.

Mama Kent’s not playing games anymore…

The WTF?!:
1. Checkmate really doesn’t do the greatest job of keeping itself a secret because it seems pretty much anyone can find out some information if they just spend like five minutes on Google.  You’ve got to wonder how they’ve survived this long.

2. Watchtower is in shambles after Chloe and Tess’ little misadventure last time out, but no one seems to be addressing how exactly they’ll be putting it all back together, because that kind of needs to be a priority right now.  Why?  Because Chloe is having a breakdown and wants out.  So she’s been withholding information and deliberately slowing recovery of Watchtower instead of saying something.  Thank Rao Clark snaps her out of it by the end.

3. All right, we know Tess is badass and all, and I’ve said as much myself, but somehow she was able to break the mental control of Max Lord all on her lonesome?  I don’t think so.  Methinks they really are making her a female version of Batman.

“Uh, hello, Best Buy?  Yeah.  I’m going to need some Geek Squad support.”

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