Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Smallville: Random, Awesome and WTF?! - S9E21: Salvation

Smallville, Superman, Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Clark Kent, Zod, Callum Blue
It’s time for Clark and Zod to put aside their animosity…by punching the daylights out of one another.  That’s right, it’s Clark vs. Zod for all the marbles as the ninth season finale is upon us and one of these contenders isn’t walking away.

And the other isn’t exactly doing that either…

The Random:
1. We get a nice little glimpse of the year 2013 and Lois and Clark are still working at The Daily Planet, Perry’s the editor, Lex is making a bid for president, and Clark wears a familiar set of tights to rescue an airplane.  For those keeping score, that’s this year, so let’s get with it already.

2. Oh, how I missed Hawkman and his verbal sparring with Green Arrow.  Those two have just the right amount of animosity and grudging respect to make it believable.

3. Watchtower really is up and running full steam, and it’s a blast to see all of our world’s heroes (well, most of them) discussing a plan of action to take the fight to Zod.  Makes me feel all comicy.

Tom Welling, Smallville, Superman,
I need these contacts, I really do.

The Awesome:
1. The Book of Rao is one hell of a Catch-22, now isn’t it?  On one hand it’s the only way to get rid of the Kandorian threat in the most bloodless manner, but on the other, it’ll send all Kryptonians away, including Clark.  These are exactly the types of moral dilemmas that make heroes.

2. Did Zod just get his ass kicked by Tess wielding a chunk of Kryptonite?  Why yes he did.  Sure he recovered and played the old fire eyes game with her, but give her props for making him bleed.

3. Once again, Smallville succeeds at really raising the stakes for a season finale with Zod’s people striking various points throughout the globe, Clark giving a rallying speech to the combined JLA and JSA, the emergence of Darkseid’s presence on Earth with Tess and Ollie, Lois putting all the pieces together, and a brutal final battle between Clark and Zod that’ll leave it all on the field.  Goosebumps all over.

Superman, Callum Blue,Tom Welling
I pretty much told you no one was really walking
away from this fight, didn’t I?

The WTF?!:
1. The Fortress has been around for years now, give or take a temporary destruction or two, and no satellites have ever caught so much as a glimpse of it, despite the frequently unnatural occurrences and weird lights and such emanating from it at any given time?

2. So, the military isn’t getting involved in the opening salvo by Zod…because they think it’s a hoax?  The type of hoax that simultaneously strikes a dozen different places around the globe and destroys satellites?  What the hell kind of April Fool’s Day pranks did they grow up with?!

3. Well, it just wouldn’t be a trip to the hospital without someone dying and then their body being left completely unsupervised and thus disappearing.

Smallville, Superman, Tom Welling, Erica Durance
Oh, you silly kids!  You and your practical jokes!

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  1. ''Well, it just wouldn’t be a trip to the hospital without someone dying and then their body being left completely unsupervised and thus disappearing.'' HEEEE! Hahahaha! Soooo Smallville. LOL