Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Handmade Soap, Manliness

Thanks to Bath & Body Works every bathroom is now fully stocked with various soaps specifically created to smell like a funeral home. But if you're a dude trying to wash up after dropping a solid deuce, the last thing you want your boob/nut honkers to smell like is grandma's toilet water.

Enter ManHands, a company that prides itself on creating "Manly" scents that will not only wash off the fecal matter from your digits, it will also smell like: Beer, Cash, Baseball Glove and yes, even Urinal Mint if you're into that sort of thing.

ManHands, Handmade Soap

And while ManHands doesn't come in a bottle like the soaps you're used to, don't be intimidated by the old-fashioned act of rubbing a suds-maker between your dirty, disgusting paws. I guarantee that the people who are thinking about sleeping with you will be more apt to take a chance on a guy who knows what to do with his hands.

Even if those hands smell like Muscle Rub:

ManHAnds, Handmade Soap

Source: Uncrate

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jelly andrews said...

Oh my! This is really unique scents. But I don’t think I would like my man to smell like urinals. That’s really gross.