Wednesday, January 9, 2013

YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION Is Available For Download on iTunes...And Now My Life Is Almost Complete

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Apparently that stuffed goat I sacrificed to the Gods of Kid-Centered Nostalgia listened to my prayers and rewarded my allegiance to the Dark Ones by allowing seven episodes of You Can't Do That On Television to be available for download on iTunes ($1.99 each).

 Granted, seven episodes out of 143 isn't great, but it's a start for fans of one of the best damn TV shows that drenched its child stars in green slime tainted with bacteria.

 If you weren't alive or conscious of pure awesomeness in the 80s, YCDTOTV was a sketch comedy show for kids featuring preteen and teen-teens cracking jokes and being adorable without becoming a parody of itself (and, more importantly, starred Alasdair Gillis:

You Can't Do That On Television, Canadian Television

whose concave chest and pre-pubescent looks made him a heartthrob during his 4-year tenure from 1982-1986).

 Now, I've got to believe that the complete series will be available soon since Shout! Factory has released a documentary about the show called You Can't Do That On Film but until that day, I guess I will be watching iTunes.

 Source: Branded In the 80s

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