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ARCHER: "Legs" S4E3 (review)

By Ryan McLelland
WARNING: I'm going to tell you everything that happened in the episode. If you don't want to know then stop reading. OR ELSE!  And I'm going to use everyday Archer speak which means I assume you've seen the show. If you haven't seen the show stop reading spoilers on the current episode and go buy the first season on DVD. Or Blu-Ray. Or download it on iTunes. Netflix. You get the point.

LEGS shows the pains of former field agent Ray Gillette (Adam Reed) who, after crashing in a spaceship, has lost the use of his legs. Relegated to desk duty at ISIS, Ray is not having the grandest time now having to use a wheelchair and poop in a bag. When the main ISIS team gets ready to go to Rome on a field op, Krieger (Lucky Yates) uses that time to float an idea to Ray: BIONIC LEGS! At first Ray isn't completely taken with the idea as he's seen what it has done to ex-ODIN agent Barry (Dave Willis) and Archer's ex-fiance Katya (Ona Grauer).

Ray comes around to the idea and Krieger, aided by Pam and Cheryl, gets ready to operate.

It's Cheryl's bumbling around looking for some of the items that Krieger needs that tips Archer off about the operation. Archer has already been hunted by a crazed KGB cyborg (Barry!) and had his rebuilt cyborg fiance leave him for the crazed KGB cyborg (Katya) so he's not about to have another crazed cyborg running around ISIS.

Krieger starts the "operation" which looks more like a slaughter while Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) tries his hardest to infiltrate Krieger's lab. Archer grabs a rocket launcher from Rodney, the Armory guy, and goes off to breach Krieger's unbreathable lab door. Lana (Aisha Tyler) tips off Rodney that Archer is not getting the launcher for Rome but to blow up ISIS and locks Archer in the armory. So Archer fires the launcher at the unbreakable Armory does which doesn't break. He then uses his grappling hook to enter the A.C. vents and begin the trek to the lab. Lana turns up the heat in the building to 90 and Archer doesn't reach the lab. Ray quickly recovers, Archer gets stuck in the vents all weekend asleep from the heat, and everything goes back to normal on Monday morning.

Not the most action packed episode of Archer but one filled a bunch of fun guest stars. Like???

Malory's husband Ron Cadillac - voiced by actual Jessica Walter husband Ron Leibman.

Another first season character appears this episode: Conway Stern (Coby Bell). Conway, first appearing in Diversity Hire, was a double agent who had his hand ripped off by a pair of handcuffs, a briefcase, and a helicopter. We learn in this episode that, for some reason, Dr. Krieger replaced the hand with a robohand (even though Conway turned double agent against ISIS. I think that's lost on Krieger).

Frisky Dingo's Mr. Ford makes his second appearance in this episode of Archer (his first was last season's Drift Problems). Mr. Ford, known for his many different jobs on Frisky Dingo, is seen here repairing ISIS's elevator.

Episode 4 - MIDNIGHT RON!

"We've had actual discussions on what we can and can't do. Our friends at Adult Swim were very good to me and Adam. (Sealab 2021) was a huge part of our lives and we do want to make some nods to it but we're not doing an actual Sealab crossover," Archer executive producer Matt Thompson told me as he revealed the final two Archer episodes of this season would be Sealabesque. I interviewed Adam Reed, Archer's creator, writer, and executive producer on my radio show R2HT and he also talked about what other exotic locations we could expect Archer to go to this season. Go to or click here to listen to Adam's entire interview. LISTEN IF YOU DARE!

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