Tuesday, February 26, 2013

HAVE IT YOUR WAY: Retro Burger King Commercial Marks the Exact Spot When Childhood Obesity Started

Thanks to the internet, Netflix and streaming cable, I watch a lot of stuff, which means I have become quite the expert on things like "Which television movie starred LeVar Burton AND Wolfman Jack?" Answer: The ABC Horror/Comedy The Midnight Hour.

See, stupid stuff that will never get me a job outside pop culture blogging.

But I have, thanks to having no life outside of YouTube videos, come across something very interesting that may explain the epidemic that has caused our youth to have a little more junk in the trunk, a 1970's Burger King commercial that may very well be the starting point for childhood obesity.

See, before and during most of the 70's kids played outside, ate meals that were proportionate to what a regular human being should consume in one sitting, rarely ate at fast food resturants and generally were a lot more fit, thanks to having access to only 3-5 channels of television programming that didn't have anything interesting on it except morning cartoons and parents who hated their children and forced them to spend all day outdoors.

In fact, if you were to look at pictures of me before 1978 I had a kicking kid bod, but sometime after 1978 my little hometown of McMinnville, OR got both a Mickey D's AND cable and all of a sudden I had a spare tire and a wide ass.



So, take a look at the following commercial for Burger King's Whopper and let me know if I'm overreacting to a cartoon octopus sending the message that a Junior Whopper is a good idea for children.

And don't get me started on that pimp Ronald McDonald and his crack-laced fries.

Source: Cartoon Brew

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