Friday, February 1, 2013

PBS OFF BOOK Takes An In Depth Look At Competitive Gaming

The Rise of Competitive Gaming and Esports

PBS Off Book has once again turned its learned eye to the impact of gaming on our culture, focusing this time on Competitive Gaming and e-Sports.

From it's humble beginnings as LAN (local area network) parties to full-blown competitions with sponsors, the arena of competitive gaming is still finding its footing (including reversing the rampant sexism still seen in the gaming world) but is it poised to become the next big "Sport"?

Featuring analysis by TL Taylor, AJ Mazur and Damien "Damdai" Dailidenas, winner of the 25th Anniversary Street Fighter II Tournament it might surprise you by just how important competitive gaming is going to get.

Take a look-see and ponder what Super Smash Bros Sunday would look like in another 25 years (I'm guessing there will be a lot of Hot Wings).

Source: Destructoid

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