Thursday, February 28, 2013

SLEEP WITH DATA, Or, At Least Cuddle With Him

While I find that I am growing tired of various Geek crafts (I mean how many fucking Tardis dress/purse/pillows do we need?) I do have a soft spot for those handcrafted items that are Star Trek-related and are comfy enough to rest my weary head upon.

And yep, this Data pillow from etsy seller Morondanga fits the bill nicely.

Made from cotton fabric and filling, and measuring 16" x 16", this android pillow is big enough to capture your sleep slobber while still giving you ample room to move your noggin away from the wet spot once you realize what you're napping on.

Now, if Data isn't your cup of Earl Grey tea, you could always get yourself a Worf pillow:

Which will probably be all pissed off that your sleeping on it, but, more than likely, you could  easily subdue him seeing that he's only 16" tall and made from stuffing.

Either way, you'll sleep like a Star Fleet captain.

Source: Geek Crafts

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