Saturday, March 16, 2013

ARCHER: "The Honeymooners" S4E9 (recap)

By Ryan McLelland
WARNING: I'm going to tell you everything that happened in the episode. If you don't want to know then stop reading. OR ELSE!  And I'm going to use everyday Archer speak which means I assume you've seen the show. If you haven't seen the show stop reading spoilers on the current episode and go buy the first season on DVD. Or Blu-Ray. Or download it on iTunes. Netflix. You get the point.

North Koreans! Platinum Cards! Miss this week's episode? Now you'll find out with every single spoiler-filled moment!

Episode 9: THE HONEYMOONERS sees Archer and Lana posing undercover as a married couple. They can't exactly afford the Honeymoon Suite that Archer wants to get into to secure their undercover identities.

It's okay, Archer can afford it.

 Rather, Malory can … since Archer stole her Black Titanium card to pay for the expenses.

While those two are off trying to catch the North Korean attempting to buy enriched uranium, Malory is trying to pay for lunch. When she can't find her card, her rival Trudy Beakman (making her first ever Archer appearance after being mentioned a few times in the first season) offers to pay for Malory. This gets Malory truly PISSED OFF. She returns to ISIS and founds out that the card was used at Tuntmore Towers Hotel. With her card stolen by her own son, Malory decides to take Archer's bonus away.

Pam, on the other hand, continues to taunt Cyril about Lana being away with Archer. Lana and Cyril are dating again, yet she is once again away with Archer undercover while Cyril is left to rot. Pam suggests that since Cheryl owns the hotel they should go spy on the duo. Which they go and do! But of course all they catch is Lana bitching at Archer while he drinks heavily.

Even where Lana is ready to plant a geiger counter for the uranium Archer isn't ready. So she leaves him to his manicure and climbs the side of the building using awesome suction cup thingies. Archer checks his bank account and notices that his bonus…isn't. He calls Lana who is half way up the building and too busy to see what her bonus was. Archer gets ready into the operation, strapping on the suction cups, and making it all the way to Lana. See what you can do when you put your mind to it?

Also at this point Lana falls off the building and what occurs is a really awesome action sequence with Archer saving her. It's incredible animation and a real step up for the team that makes this cartoon. Good job!

Once back on the ground Archer calls Malory who tells him his bonus is not only gone but Lana is now agent-in-command. This pisses Archer off to high heaven and brings down his operational awareness enough to get them both captured by the North Koreans. They reveal that once they get the uranium they are bringing the two spies back to Korea with them. Not wanting to go to Korea, Archer gets out of his handcuffs and its on.

On enough to get free at least. Then stuck in the bathroom. Cyril, who was spying from the other tower, gets to the room to try and save the day. This allows Lana and Archer to get free from the bathroom and kill the foreign agents. While both of their bonuses are gone for the mess they made at least they stopped the North Koreans. What they failed to do was stay put to capture whoever was selling the uranium to them. Which, in the end, turns out to be Dr. Kreiger once again trying to get money for some awesome experiments.

Episode 10: Un Chien Tangerine

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