Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BEING HUMAN: "If I Only Had Raw Brain" S3E11 (review)

By Julie Browning
A creepy guy in a hoodie floats through this episode, following our favorite vampire. We see him in the distance in just about every scene that we see Aidan (Sam Witwer).

Josh (Sam Huntington) and Aidan have an argument in the hospital about the vampire-eating friendly wizened werewolf Pete.

Josh seems to feel like Aidan has thrown the werewolves under the camper; And even though Aidan has made it clear that Josh and Nora are off-limits, Josh still feels that Aidan is putting his own kind above the bonds of friendship the roommates have formed.

Kenny (Connor Price) has found a donor that may be able to get him out of his bubble for good, but since this has been tried before with underwhelming results, he's reluctant to put himself or his guilt ridden parents through yet another trial.

He'd rather be a vampire.

He's threatening to leave the hospital or to call evil vamp bitch Blake for help if Aidan doesn't turn him "I'm leaving today." He tells Aidan. What's a vampire to do?

He opens Kenny's vault, and .......he takes him to the park?

Kenny has a blast being a normal teenager for just one day before becoming a teenager forever. (Can't think of anything I'd rather do less than that!)

Sally(Meaghan Rath) wants Josh to lock her up so she doesn't eat him and Nora (Kristen Hager). She's pretty bummed that she won't be able to attend Josh and Nora's wedding. She wants to do a toast, drink too much and generally embarrass herself. She's rotting at a pretty good rate, and has realized that unless she wants to survive on human flesh, she's going to have to die, and soon. This gets Nora thinking......

Aidan brings Kenny home with him. Josh and Nora are surprised about turning Kenny, and raise an eyebrow because they have such bad luck with wayward teenagers, but what the heck! Okay, let's do it!

After that little bit of ill-conceived quasi parenting, Josh, Sally and Nora head to the soup kitchen to kill Donna the witch (Amy Aquino), because they don't want her to be alive to take Sally's soul. Donna is nowhere to be found. Even the building is gone. How convenient.....

Nora decides that since Sally has so little time left, that they should get married immediately, so she can be there. They go to her room to tell her, but she is nowhere to be found.

Sally has gone to the funeral home to talk to Max (Bobby Campo). They haven't spoken since the night she totally shut him down regarding other secret, supernatural need-to-know roommate stuff. Sally tries to use her feminine wiles to convince Max to let her eat the dead bodies!

Even though I've been with this show from its inception, I didn't see that one coming. Max's reply was classic Being Human cheek: "Sally, you can't eat Miss Hanover! " Despite all the weirdness, and the fact that this relationship is utterly doomed to fail no matter the outcome, Max and Sally profess their love for one another. Too bad it didn't happen before Sally met the boyfriend that made her all kinds of dead the first time around.

Josh's sister Emily (Alison Louder) comes to take all the guys to a strip joint for a bachelor party. No one notices creepy hooded sweatshirt guy, but he's there alright. Looking all octogenarian and albino-ey. Who is that? Everyone is having a good time until the stripper who's giving Josh a lap dance turns out to be a vampire. She smells werewolf all over Josh and tries to take an uninvited slurp.

When Aidan comes to the rescue, staking the hungry vamp, both Kenny and Emily see it and are repulsed and shocked. Emily is so upset that her and Josh have words outside the club, and she leaves. Josh just can't make her understand what's happening, even though he thought she would be able to relate, since coming out as Lesbian to her friends and family made her an outsider of sorts as well for a time.

While the guys are out staking strippers, Nora and Sally have a sad little bachelorette party back at the house. Another "awww" moment as the two share wine coolers and talk about wedding dresses and flowers on opposite sides of a locked door. Not much of a wedding if the zombie maid of honor eats the werewolf bride, right?

Aidan decides Kenny has had enough teen-aged fun and decides to turn him before he starts to suffer the effects of unprotected bubble boy syndrome. He leaves him until he wakes and engages Josh in a charming conversation about how evolved they are in that kitchen where all the wisdom seems to be offered.

After this little chat, Aidan offers a pound of flesh to Sally. She actually takes a couple of bites out of him! She makes comments about his skin being so tough it's like chewing through a tire. But, it's not going to do him any harm in the long run, and it's a tonic to Sally's rotting flesh.

True to form, this episode has to wrap up with a couple of cliffhangers to ensure our tuning in next week. Sally seeks out the psychic that hooked Josh up with Donna, and gets some pointers on dealing with her-if she can be found. And then, wouldn't you know it, she turns up dead at the hands of a goon sent by Donna. Sally only has two episodes left before the end of the season to find and defeat her. Can it be done, viewers?

Right before we're done, the hooded stalker reveals himself by attacking Aidan. It's none other than Kat's ex-boyfriend Jeffery, that Aidan drained last week. I thought he was dead, and apparently, so did Aidan. Not so much. Does Aidan now "turn" people into this?

Crap! What about Kenny? Better babysit him with a stake in my pocket until he wakes up, just in case.

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