Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BEING HUMAN: "Of Mice And Wolfmen" S3E9 (review)

By Julie Browning
This episode is a fine example of what this show does best: blend horror with humor and heart.

We open with Aidan, (Sam Witwer) who is languishing as he succumbs to the deadly virus. We get to see him say goodbye to his beloved wife and young son as he goes off to war.

We have to wonder if these flashbacks really foreshadow the end of Aidan, our vampire with a heart.

It's the morning after a full moon, and when Nora (Kristen Hager) wakes up in the woods, she happens upon another werewolf, Pete, (Ron Lea) an adorable new character who reminded me of that favorite wise uncle that we only get to see at the holidays.

Pete and Nora strike up a friendship, and throughout the episode, he proves to be not only a charming wanderer, but also very giving and wise. I hope we get to see some more of him.

Aidan knows the end is near and wants to make his last few days as normal as possible, so he decides to go to work. Unfortunately, he's covered with nasty sores and lesions.. Ichh! Not what I want to see all over someone who's nursing me. Sally (Meaghan Rath), gets a chance to use her new corpse makeover skills and makes Aidan look (almost) living so he can leave the house. While Aidan and Sally have their little make up session, Aidan mentions a funny smell. After he leaves, Sally realizes it's her own breath. Looks like she's rotting on the inside too.

After the shock and horror of seeing Sally poke through her own cheek with her toothbrush, I couldn't stop laughing. This was definitely one of the many memorable moments from last night's show.

At the hospital, Aidan says his goodbyes to Kenny (Connor Price), and tries valiently to go on with his work. Nora, after hearing of his heroic efforts to keep the truth about her from Liam (Xander Berkeley), comes to the hospital to relieve him. She wants him to spend his remaining hours with his besties, Josh and Sally.

So, what does Sally do after her unfortunate accident? She heads to the kitchen and eats a LIVE mouse, right out of the trap in the kitchen! It works. Her cheek (and her forehead) are instantly healed. This leaves her more than a little freaked out. She goes to seek advice from her fellow reanimated corpse friend, Nick (Pat Kiely).

When Aidan returns home to rest, he sees vampire Blake (Janine Theriault), lurking around outside the house. He goes outside and tells her to get lost. She is one of the more sinister characters we've seen in a while, and I wonder if she will try to take over Boston if she isn't stopped by someone soon. Josh sits with Aidan, and we see some flashbacks of the roommates and their adventures over the years. Is Aidan really going to die? Could the writers really pull a Downton Abbey on us, and kill off a favorite character? Say it isn't so!

Nora, having a change of heart, stops to get Kat (Deanna Russo), Aidan's new love interest on the way home as a peace offering. This is where it dawns on me that she looks a lot like Aidan's long-lost wife. After he collapses on the living room floor, Josh and Nora put Aidan to bed and send Kat home. All they can do now is wait.

Meanwhile, Sally admits to Nick that she ate a mouse. With a huge sigh of relief, Nick tells her he's been doing the same thing, and they rationalize that humans eat animals all the time, they just usually kill and cook them first. She decides to stop by a pet store and admire the menu from the window. When she finds her craving is strongest for a little boy coming out the door, she realizes she has got a real problem and quickly heads home to join Aidan's deathwatch.

New were-pal Pete shows up with homemade chili and wine and him and his company serves as a welcome and helpful distraction from waiting for Aidan to die. Sally makes it home just in time to say goodbye, as Aidan seems to be near the end when he starts to convulse and bleed out. We think we are just about to lose him when the evil overlords cut to a commercial. DAMMIT!!!!

Yay! He's going to make it! Turns out werewolf blood is a vaccine!

Who knew??? Take That, Liam! Not quite so clever after all, are you? Looks like Aidan is going to make a full recovery.

So what does Aidan do now? He tells Kenny that the deal is back on, finds Blake, and gives her the secret, with a warning of course. Josh and Nora are off limits, and no one has to die. It only takes a sip of were blood for this to work.

Does she listen? Hell no! Her pack of hungry vamps descend on a hapless werewolf, and it looks like they devour him.

Didn't I tell you something has to be done about her?

Aidan takes his new lease on life to heart, and remembering that his wife told him to find love again, he seeks out the lovely Kat and sweeps her off her feet. Aidan has had a girlfriend or two in the past, but this one might be the real thing. I guess we'll see, won't we?

So, how to end such a great episode with a kick ass cliffhanger?

Why not have Zoe (Susanna Fournier) come home to see Nick devouring an animal? Want more? How about this~ He's still hungry!

We see him lunge, and the credits roll as we hear a scream. Good job writers! Can't wait for next week!

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