Friday, March 15, 2013

Broadway Paperbacks Announces New DOCTOR WHO Tie-In Novels!

Original adventures featuring the Eleventh Doctor as played by Matt Smith in Doctor Who, the spectacular hit series from BBC Television

Doctor Who: The Dalek Generation
By Nicholas Briggs

Doctor Who: Shroud of Sorrow
By Tommy Donbavand

Doctor Who: Plague of the Cybermen
By Justin Richards

Since Doctor Who’s 2005 revival after an almost fifteen-year hiatus, the British sci-fi show has become an American cult phenomenon, as an Entertainment Weekly cover feature noted in August of 2012. But the show’s US following is such that “cult” may well be an understatement. In September, 2.47 million Americans watched Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as the Doctor and Amy in the show’s season seven premiere, giving BBC America its highest rating ever—and in 2011, the show was iTunes’ number one most downloaded television series, outselling such favorites as Glee and Mad Men. In December, Doctor Who won TV Guide’s “Fan Favorites”, and 2.4 million viewers tuned in to the show’s Christmas special.

With Who fervor on the rise given the show’s 50th anniversary this year, Broadway is thrilled to introduce its forthcoming paperback original Doctor Who tie-in series, sure to feed that insatiable fandom. Featuring all-new Eleventh Doctor adventures and to be published on April 2nd to coincide with the new Doctor Who episodes that will air on BBC America starting March 30, Justin Richards’s Doctor Who: Plague of the Cybermen (April 2), Nicholas Briggs’s Doctor Who: The Dalek Generation (April 2), and Tommy Donbavand’s Doctor Who: Shroud of Sorrow (April 2) are penned in collaboration with BBC’s Cardiff-based TV production team. These authors are given advance access to the scripts of forthcoming episodes and made privy to the secrets of the Doctor’s future before even the most fanatical of fans. Approved by the BBC to make sure nothing is overlooked, these books have the intimate feel of authentic Doctor Who episodes

In Doctor Who: The Dalek Generation, we find the Doctor investigating a world where the Daleks suspiciously seem to be a force for good. In Doctor Who: Shroud of Sorrow, the aftermath of JFK’s assassination is the setting for an attack by an alien Shroud feasting on the grief of a world in mourning. In Doctor Who: Plague of the Cybermen, the Doctor discovers the residents of a 19th century village beset by a plague that causes its victims to leave their graves. As we follow the Doctor through new catastrophes in history, on earth, and in space, reading Doctor Who: Plague of the Cybermen, Doctor Who: The Dalek Generation, and Doctor Who: Shroud of Sorrow might just be the next best thing to traveling around in a TARDIS, sonic screwdriver in hand and will leave fans eagerly awaiting Broadway’s fourth all-new Doctor Who adventure, acclaimed science fiction author Alastair Reynolds’s Doctor Who: Harvest of Time, featuring the Third Doctor, in June.


JUSTIN RICHARDS has written numerous science fiction and fantasy novels, including several previous Doctor Who tie-ins. He is creative consultant for BBC Books' range of Doctor Who fiction.

NICHOLAS BRIGGS is a British actor and writer who has been working on Doctor Who since the 1980's. He has played numerous roles on the show but is best known as the voice of the Doctor's archenemy, the Daleks.

TOMMY DONBAVAND is an author, actor, and playwright best known for his Scream Street novels for kids. He is also a huge fan of all things Doctor Who, plays blues harmonica, and makes a mean balloon poodle.

ALASTAIR REYNOLDS’ novels have appeared on numerous 'best SF' lists and won several major awards.

Coming April 2, 2013

By Nicholas Briggs
ISBN: 978-0-3853-4674-0

By Tommy Donbavand
ISBN: 978-0-3853-4678-8

By Justin Richards
ISBN: 978-0-3853-4676-4

Coming June 4, 2013
By Alastair Reynolds
ISBN: 978-0-3853-4680-1

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