Tuesday, March 26, 2013


This week I am completely alone in my house which can be a beautiful thing (the hubby is off at a Game Developers Conference) and in the two days since my freedom from marital responsibility began, I have laid on the couch watching marathons of SVU until my brain turned into mush, ate ice cream for dinner and have eschewed brushing my hair.

In other-words, I am really kinda awesome at being a lazy loser.

But it's the nights that have come to bother me. No sounds of video games being played on the TV, no overheard rumblings about game play impossibilities, no waking up from a deep slumber because someone in the house fucked up on The Gunstringer...it's just too quiet and I am becoming lonely.

Which is why this set of retro-styled NES video game cartridge pillows might be nice to cuddle with while the hubby is away in San Francisco flirting with game creators.

Made from 100% polyester (which will repel drool AND Mountain Dew Code Red) and created to look like games you would have wanted to play back in the day, these pillows will look beautiful on your futon or in your bed with your partner's shirt thrown on top of them for more realistic faux cuddling (not that I would do anything like that, I mean, that's kinda creepy right?).

I don't know, maybe I need a hobby or something.

Source: Incredible Things

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