Thursday, March 14, 2013

HEAR ROY ORBISON'S 'CRYING' Covered By Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino and Her Cat Snacks

Two things you need to know: 1) If you aren't familiar with the band Best Coast, it is a Lo-Fi, surf pop group that has an honest-to-god retro sound that will blow your mind (think I'm kidding, then watch the music video for their song Our Deal directed by Drew Drew Barrymore and starring Chloe Moretz) and 2) Roy Orbison's song Crying is easily one of the most beautiful and eerily scary songs to have ever been published (think Sleepwalk by Santo and Johnny and you'll know what I mean).

And in this hauntingly emo cover of it (and I say that in complete awe and not sarcasm) Bethany's vintage-sounding girl group voice is matched sublimely with one lonely wail by her cat Snacks (at the 2:20 mark).

A melodic addition which somehow managed to transport the song into deliciously creepy by automatically having me associate the cat wail in the cover version to the original Roy Orbison version that played over the final scene in Gummo when Solomon (Jacob Reynolds) and Tummler (Nick Sutton) shoot a cat while Bunny Boy is in the pool and making out with the sisters and Orbison's twangy wail pierces into your soul:

Yeah, the cover makes good use of the cat.

Source: Uproxx

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